Call transfer

You may need a manual call transfer when:

  • The need to transfer the call arises during it (e.g., for consultations);
  • The company has a receptionist to take the call;
  • A call mistakenly goes to the wrong employee.

Blind and consultative call transfer

MightyCall supports 2 types of call transfer:

  • Blind
  • Consultative

A blind call transfer is sometimes called “cold” or “unannounced”. In this case, the user transfers the call to a teammate and hangs up before their colleague takes the call. If the teammate doesn’t answer, the caller will be disconnected. This leaves the user unsure whether or not the transfer is successful, but saves some time and attention.

A consultative call transfer is also known as a “warm”, “attended”, “supervised”, or “announced” transfer. In this case, the user waits until the teammate takes the call and hangs up only after acknowledging their colleague. Sometimes, the caller also takes part in the preliminary conversation. The user in this scenario is sure that the transfer is successful. A consultative call transfer is usually used for important calls or for transfers to extensions with no queue management.

MightyCall’s call transfer advantages

The main advantage our system has is the simplicity and ease of use, especially with WebPhones.

With the WebPhone, you can make a call transfer with just 2 mouse clicks:

  1. The first click is on the “transfer” or “consultative” button, depending on the desired type of call transfer.
  2. The second click is to choose a teammate from the list of employees. You don’t even need to remember your colleagues’ numbers.

Call transfers from other phones, such as cellphones, are simple too. On cell phones or landlines you can use hot keys to transfer the call.

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