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Case Studies

911 Nurses GTA – How MightyCall is Used in the Staffing Industry

911 Nurses GTA
business case

The company began using MightyCall six months after its inception to enhance its communication capabilities as the business expanded. We talked to Business Manager and Co-Founder Rhea Stoddart, Operations Manager Shantal Ennis, Travel Coordinator Kayana Jackson, and Scheduling Lead Stephanie C. to find out how exactly MightyCall is implemented in their daily work routine and get some feedback.

Main call case scenarios

The staffing industry features a variety of communication touchpoints, often at high volume: talent seeking a job, client companies and facilities, different inquiries, complaints and payroll requests.

In case of 911 Nurses GTA, these are their main communication scenarios:

  • Informing prospects about their services
  • Communicating staffing details of available jobs
  • Providing assistance to nurses
  • Dealing with complaints
  • Communicating with healthcare facilities
  • Travel-related interactions like hotel and flight bookingsBased on these use cases, we see how multi-faceted their customer interaction is, so now let’s dive deeper and inspect it from every angle.

Main Problems and Solutions Offered by MightyCall

Efficient incoming call management

Initially, the 911 Nurses GTA agency used basic cell phone systems for communication, which became inadequate as the company grew. MightyCall was introduced to support the increasing need for efficient call management. Rhea noted:

We were able to arrange the call trees, so the calls are sent to each department for incoming calls. We have the automated message set up and then it’s routed to our different departments. We have scheduling and we have the travel coordinators and we have recruitment and payroll and that’s how we decided to set it up.

A pivotal feature that MightyCall offered was the ability to set up call flows, which automatically route incoming calls to the desired destination. Multi-level IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is the main feature to make that happen, especially for companies that have multiple tiers of voice menus.

MightyCall Call Center Multi-level IVR

Once multi-level IVR is set up correctly, the caller gets to choose one of the available options and be forwarded exactly where they need to get without any team assistance. The most common case scenarios for voice menu options would be something like: press 1 for travel coordinators, 2 for recruitment, 3 for payroll, or stay on the line to leave a voicemail.

Personalized extensions and missed call tracking

Each staff member having their own extension and the ability to track missed calls ensures that no client or nurse’s inquiry goes unattended. This personal touch enhances the professional image of the agency and improves client satisfaction. Kayana said:

One of my favorite features is that everybody gets their own extension and also we get to see our missed calls and go back to that call log and call those people that have missed us from our extensions. That’s very helpful.

MightyCall Call Center – Team Management

As for extensions, it’s a must have feature for any small and medium business: each MightyCall user gets their own extension that is used for more targeted and faster routing. Employees can include them in their email signatures, providing customers with a more direct way of connecting them.

Quality assurance and process improvement

MightyCall provides call recording that allows management to listen to calls in case of any discrepancies, which can be used for quality assurance and training purposes. This capability has enabled the agency to improve their service delivery by reviewing and enhancing their communication strategies based on actual interactions. Shantal noticed:

From a management perspective, being able to check up on quality assurance, for example, both with our staff and the clients that we serve, we’re able to go back and listen to recordings, we’re able to see how we can improve on different calls that we’ve had and it’s good to have that logged there sometimes also for verification purposes.


Quality assurance is an essential part of a manager’s routine, and a cohesive call log that includes call recording for each entry is the number one tool to ease this task in the sphere of business communication. That all leads to continuous improvement in service delivery and provides a method for verifying and resolving complaints effectively.

Web, mobile and desktop app

MightyCall’s flexibility in allowing the app to be used on the web, desktops and mobile phones has enabled the staff at 911 Nurses GTA to access the system regardless of their location.

Having the ability for everyone to download the app on their desktop or their phone so that they can use MightyCall independently is one of the most important features.

Every team member gets to choose their own communication workspace and this flexibility is particularly beneficial for a staffing agency that needs to coordinate activities across various locations and a hybrid team.

Future development

Integrating MightyCall has transformed the communication landscape at 911 Nurses GTA, enhancing their operational efficiency and service quality. Shantal concluded:

In relation to MightyCall, definitely using a system that is really able to accomplish what we needed to. For example, with us reaching the people that we need to reach and being able to have a good recordkeeping system, something that’s reliable. From that standpoint, we would definitely recommend MightyCall.

The MightyCall team appreciates the feedback and hopes to continue supporting 911 Nurses GTA’s mission of providing exceptional healthcare staffing solutions.

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