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MightyCall’s milestones achieved in 2023

As we count down the last days of 2023, this year has witnessed growth in the tech sector that a year ago was hard to imagine. This year we’ve had groundbreaking innovations, increased adoption of AI and machine learning, and a significant shift towards more integrated, user-friendly communication solutions.

Keeping the pulse on the modern world’s demand for growth and advancement, MightyCall has not only kept pace and introduced numerous product advancements, but redefined what customers should expect from VoIP solutions going forward.

As we reflect on 2023, let’s look at MightyCall’s highlights and illuminate once again the enhancements made in how we are transforming business communications.


MightyCall expanded its G2 award collection and received 4 G2 Leader VoIP Awards for each 2023 season. Hard work pays off!

But something we take special pride in is getting G2 awards in the Contact Center category. Some other award highlights include

  • G2 Summer 2023 Small Business Contact Center Leader Award
  • G2 Summer and Fall 2023 Momentum Leader in Call Center Infrastructure (CCI) & VoIP Award
  • High Performer Fall 2023 Mid-Market VoIP

Let’s look closer at the call center software that got us all this praise within the first half year of the solution’s existence.

The call center release

We started big by releasing the MightyCall call center solution, which the MightyCall team has been working on for years. This was a defining moment to finally show the world the reborn version of MightyCall. Collected over decades, our expertise in the telecommunication industry and a deep need analysis for an enterprise-grade led to a robust service for big market players delivered by MightyCall in 2023.

Cloud call center solution

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Look at the 2023 MightyCall call center key features:

  • Supervisor Workspace: all-in-one online call center management and overview of call center operations.
  • Live Call Monitoring: use one of the available methods: call listening, call barging, call whispering, or call intercept, depending on the case—to level up service level.
  • Agent Workspace: cohesive call log with messages, calls and attached documents.
  • Call Transfer: transfer calls to other users with a click of a button.

With all these features alongside time-tested VoIP communication tools such as call flow builder, voicemail, call recording and many others, MightyCall can now claim to have become an all-in-one cloud-based software customizable for any industry and communication needs.

New call log feature in MightyCall

Coming from the needs of data-driven enterprise companies, it was clear a Call Log was not enough. So, the MightyCall team revealed the Reports tab where every digit’s worth is withdrawn from your communications points. Filter various call properties and simplify manager work with a place where they now can monitor the statistics of all incoming and outgoing calls and review internal calls.

MightyCall's reports

In addition, users can have limited access to call volume depending on their roles and permissions, which takes us to our next product setting released in 2023—user roles and access.

User roles and access

Thanks to this advanced privacy settings feature, MightyCall customers can now control what sections of the MightyCall profile are visible to specific users. The three roles are: agent, manager, and administrator.

Each role opens more access to information, but you can still customize the access settings for each user: access to business numbers, messaging, voicemail, call flows, and account management for individual team members. Such a tailored approach guarantees your employees only get a view relevant to their tasks and ensures confidentiality of sensitive data.

SIP trunking

MightyCall has recently introduced SIP trunking, allowing users to connect their PBX systems to the internet rather than using traditional phone lines. This service supports high-volume call handling by managing multiple calls over a single trunk and enhances call quality, vital for professional interactions.

It’s good to know that SIP trunking integrates with CRM software and includes advanced features like IVR and call queue management, crucial for efficient call center operations, which overall makes it a robust solution for modern business communication needs.

Mobile app 2023 new features


We value call security and trust for business number services immensely, which is why MightyCall now has the STIR/SHAKEN feature integrated in the service. This framework ensures that calls made from MightyCall numbers are trusted and comply with Federal Communications Commission regulations, thereby avoiding spam filters and bolstering business legitimacy.

stir shaken

MightyCall informs users about the attestation level of incoming calls, indicating trustworthiness through three levels: fully attested, partially attested, and unverified. Seeing these levels displayed on the incoming call screen helps users make informed decisions about if they will answer or not.

Voicemail-to-text & SMS translation

mightycall text translation in mobile app

We have always known MightyCall serves businesses with diverse clientele and different language speakers. This year we made their interactions easier by allowing them to translate voicemail-to-text and SMS translation with one tap right in the MightyCall app. Now MightyCall customers are a step closer to eliminating borders in their business communication.

Dial pad revamp

Android dial pad update MightyCall

The dial pad design is also a major development, as we also value both style and functionality in the user experience. In 2023 some attributes were edited such as new buttons, higher readability and an overall more modern design. On top of that, when receiving a call, MightyCall users can see a connection quality indicator to show how strong the internet connection is at the moment. It helps to choose the right calling method before making a call: IP telephony, mixed method, or cellular network.

Integration updates


MightyCall has become an official partner with Zapier this year and there’re now even more integration features available in our app. This integration enables automatic information transfer between MightyCall and top CRM platforms like Zoho-CRM, Hubspot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, and others, streamlining contact and lead management.

Beyond CRM systems, the Zapier integration extends to daily use apps like Calendly, Slack, LiveChat, Zendesk, Gmail and Google Docs, among others. This comprehensive connectivity offers businesses an invaluable tool for enhanced productivity across various platforms.

HubSpot communication intelligence

With the newly introduced integration feature you can now say goodbye to the hassle of manual note-taking. HubSpot’s conversation intelligence technology offers powerful features to enhance call management and analysis. It transcribes calls, clearly distinguishing each participant, which allows easy post-call analysis.

Source:  HubSpot

Users can share entire conversations or select parts with team members, ensuring everyone stays informed, whether it’s about sales strategies or customer service practices. Additionally, HubSpot enables tracking of specific terms within conversations, facilitating the creation of detailed reports and ensuring vital details are not overlooked.

What to expect further

2023 has been a breakthrough year, allowing MightyCall to show its real might and not only stay on top of VoIP performance by advancing the features we already had, but also to get a confident start on the call center market.

Stay tuned as we’re planning to unveil some of our exciting 2024 plans very soon! As always, a genuine thank you to our customers, who have been so supportive all year. Thanks to you, we’re now more determined than ever to improve MightyCall’s user experience and stay on top of customer communication!

Daria Grieco
Daria's linguistic edge breathes life into marketing content that resonates with diverse audiences.
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