MightyCall Combines SMS and Call-center Technology Into the Best tool For Your Business


As a provider of customer service tools MightyCall always aim to listen to our customer’s requests. In fact we spend hours looking over, planning and delivering those requests. The overwhelming ask as of late is “Why don’t you guys have texting?” Our response: “You’re right! We should add texting. “ MightyCall is proud that now we can offer SMS services t our ever-growing customer base. Read more…

Customer Service Solution — WIX ConnectHub App by MightyCall

Over 53 million small businesses and individuals use Wix to build their websites and manage their online presence. We’re excited to announce the release customer service solution — MightyCall ConnectHub for Wix, which allows these website owners to easily manage all customer interactions directly from the Wix dashboard while giving their visitors a great customer experience. Read more…

Introducing the completely redesigned MightyCall iOS app

Today, we’re excited to announce one of our most extensive iOS app updates to-date. The latest app update introduces a completely redesigned user interface, an entirely rethought way of navigating through the app and major improvements to the way you make calls and access your contacts within the app.

You’ll now be able to make and take calls easier than ever, so you can run your business more efficiently from anywhere (and in style).

Get the latest MightyCall app for iOS >>

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Tips on Using MightyCall’s Virtual Receptionist

If you want to look like a big, credible, business even with a small budget, here are some tips for looking professional with a virtual receptionist by MightyCall. We’ve designed this to video course on virtual business phone systems to be easy to navigate – even a kid can do this. I know because it has the seal of approval of my 9-year-old daughter. :)

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How MightyCall is taking lessons from the Battle of Britain

The MightyCall service that you have come to know and love is now just over a year old. Time sure flies when you have great customers! In that time, we’ve grown from just a handful of subscribers to more than 15,000. We’ve also added many new features, like unlimited minute plans, click-to-call from Contact Us pages, and the ability to make outbound calls using MightyCall numbers from smart phones and web browsers.
By popular request, we’ve also enabled voice recording and international calls. That’s a lot of customers, and that’s a lot of minutes!

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Making the way for bigger and better features

We have several major updates and features that are lined up in our product roadmap – that’s jargon for “a whole bag of good stuff”. We’re not quite ready to spell out what all those improvements are yet. A first step we need to take is to change how we configure MightyCall in our backend. Most of the “remodeling” will go unnoticed by our customers, expect for a minor one.

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Make a Call with MightyCall!

Here at MightyCall we’re excited to tell you about our new ‘Make a Call’ (Beta)

make a call 1

Now through MightyCall’s web-portal you’ll be able to make calls using your MightyCall business phone number as the outbound caller ID.

make a call 2

Calls into your MightyCall account will still be routed to a dedicated phone, but with ‘Make a call’ you’ll be able to return voicemails, missed calls and dial outbound numbers through your account without using the MightyCall Mobile application.

make a call 3

This gives you and your co-workers another way to use MightyCall when you’re at your desk.

Plug in those headsets and get to work!

As always, let us know if you have any questions.

An Update Regarding The Service Disruption on Aug 18 

MightyCall Keeps Your Customers Connected to Your Business

Growing up, and then again in the army, I was always taught to be accountable to the people who depended on me.

What matter was not whose fault it was, but whether I fulfilled my responsibilities to those who counted on me. So here am I, hat in hand, to apologize for what I now call Black Monday. Allow me to explain.

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Give Your Business an International Internet Phone Number

Global Biz

If your business has customers in other countries, you can now give them a local number to call so they do not incur expensive international charges.

All you have to do is to add an international Internet phone number to your MightyCall virtual phone system – it only cost $10 a month.

Add An International Internet Phone Number 

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Earn Commission By Joining The MightyCall Affiliate Program

If your business is helping other small businesses, then you’re constantly thinking about two things: How can I provide additional value to my customers to keep them happy and earn additional incremental revenue at the same time? Here comes the MightyCall Affiliate Program to the rescue by giving you 20% , recurring revenue for every customer you refer to MightyCall! What are other MightyCall Affiliates and partners saying?Read more…