Five steps to being your own boss

Make it easier being your own boss by taking it one tiny step at a time.

Whenever I hit up Amazon and do a search for starting a business and being your own boss, I always get a headache from excessive eye-rolling.

As a founder of three start-ups, two that were financial successes and one, shall we say, a successful education, many of these books piss me off.Continue Reading Article >

Tips for looking professional with a virtual receptionist

How a virtual receptionist can help you look professional

If you want to look like a big credible business even with a small budget, here are some tips for looking professional with a virtual receptionistContinue Reading Article >

Options widen for your MightyCall virtual receptionist

New service plans broaden your options

Over the past several weeks, we have been speaking to or emailing with many of you on a one-to-one basis as to how you use your virtual receptionist.

You’ve told us how to make a better product. You’ve also told us you needed a simpler, more intuitive user interface for the browser and for the mobile apps.

We hear you, and we will be making a few major announcements in the coming weeks.Continue Reading Article >

Using Google Voice For Businesses? Think Again

Google voice for businesses? Wake up!

Let’s get a few things out of the way here. Google does many things well. And Google Voice is pretty darn good for personal use.

But those of you using Google Voice for businesses need to wake up, because you really deserve better. Much better.Continue Reading Article >

What’s better than Google Voice? MightyCall!

Life After Google Voice

“MightyCall saves us up to six times what it costs us. That’s a no-brainer for me.”

- Christine and William Schinagl, Owners, Simple Stroller Rental


When the owners of Simple Stroller Rental read about the Google Graveyard, they knew they had to find something better than Google Voice.

Quickly too, before Google abandoned yet another failed experiment.

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How MightyCall is taking lessons from the Battle of Britain

Battle of Britain

The MightyCall service that you have come to know and love is now just over a year old. Time sure flies when you have great customers!
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How Business Cards Are Killing The Credibility Of Your Part Time Business

Killer Business Card

Do you want your part time business to ooze credibility and professionalism?

Of course you do, right?

You want your customers to see you as a “legitimate business.”  One they can trust.

And you want other business owners – who have the power to refer truckloads of new customers to you – to respect you and treat you as one of them.Continue Reading Article >

Making the way for bigger and better features


We have several major updates and features that are lined up in our product roadmap – that’s jargon for “a whole bag of good stuff”.

We’re not quite ready to spell out what all those improvements are yet.Continue Reading Article >

Are You Losing Generation-Y Customers Without Knowing It?

Generation Y Side Business

Are You Ignoring Generation X and Y Customers?

There’s a generational disconnect in how businesses communicate with customers today. And it could be killing your profits without you even knowing it.

It’s hard to answer all of those calls or even stay on top of your different communication channels as you run a side business.

Worse yet, you may be reaching all of those phone calls, but missing out on almost 44 percent of your generation Y customers…. But how?Continue Reading Article >

A Good Way To Make Money On The Side (Part 3)

How To Make Calls, And Successfully Set Appointments

Before you call, it’s important to know…

When to call:


I recommend trying different times, and seeing what works best for you.  Here’s what worked for me:

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