Customer Service is hard: The 6 best ways to lose customers

Are you a small business owner that just hates when people try to give you their money? Well have we got the solution for you. What follows is the 6 best ways to lose customers:


  1. Don’t answer your phone- this one is key. You must resist the urge, turn your phone off; don’t return calls, whatever it takes not to contact those customers.


The best representation of that is according to KISSmetricts 71% of consumers have ended their relationship with a company due to poor customer service. Great! We’re almost there!


  1. Look, maybe it’s not that you don’t like your customer; maybe you just have the wrong kind of customer? Who wants a needy customer who calls you every time one little thing goes wrong anyways?


According to KISSmetrics, companies that focus on acquisition more than customer retention, even though it can cost 7x more to acquire new customers. It may be worse for your bottom line, but it keeps you busy.


  1. Your customer base can quickly become dissatisfied when your product doesn’t function properly.


In fact, 14% of all customers leave because of dissatisfaction. This means a weekly bug, or a glitch could really help you get rid of more customers than you think. Especially if you’re feeling suffocated by those pesky patrons.


  1. I bet you’re about to ask me “Hey guy, we get it, but what if my customers have no other option than me? How can I possibly rid myself of them?”


Oh don’t worry your customers have options. Someone else would love to help them. In fact 61% of customers who leave will go to your competitor. I Know, this means 39% will spend the rest of their lives wondering what could have been. Try not to feel too bad.


  1. Ignore social media COMPLETELY. There’s nothing those people like more than getting a response out of you quickly. Yuck.


Engaging with you customers over social media can form loyalty, brand awareness, and replace a large part of your paid marketing budget. This sounds like a road we don’t even want to touch. Let’s leave the ‘insta-face-chat’ to the kiddos and go back to that game of minesweeper.


  1. I can’t stress how important this last step is for getting customer to move on. Are we all paying attention? Step 6: Make it IMPOSSIBLE to contact you. Whether phone, web, social or SMS make sure that your customers find those dead ends quickly.


Companies like, which looks to put combine those customer contact-channels in one place really make this difficult.

Oh? You’d like to KEEP your customers and make them happy? Just go ahead and do the exact opposite of everything I just said. Phew, that was a close one.

MightyCall Combines SMS and Call-center Technology Into the Best tool For Your Business


As a provider of customer service tools MightyCall always aim to listen to our customer’s requests. In fact we spend hours looking over, planning and delivering those requests. The overwhelming ask as of late is “Why don’t you guys have texting?” Our response: “You’re right! We should add texting. “ MightyCall is proud that now we can offer SMS services t our ever-growing customer base. Read more…

Start your own business with these content marketing tips

Keep calm and start your own business!

Keep calm and start your own business!

Here at MightyCall, one of our favorite people to follow when it comes to content marketing are the folks at CopyBlogger.

Brian Clark, who heads up the CopyBlogger team, often says that when done right, content marketing will help your prospective customer know, like, and trust you.

If you are going to start your own business and being your own boss, getting your customers to know, like, and trust you are super important steps to getting them to eventually buy your products and services.

Let’s break down Brian’s three-step approach to successful content marketing.
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Origin Stories of 6 Social Media Giants

One-in-four startups fail within the first year. Of the companies that survive their first year of business, one-third won’t see their fifth.  Startups crash and burn all the time, and even the most successful CEOs have experienced failure. The companies that make it often have a few things in common: great leadership, encourage innovation, and (most importantly) embrace and adapt to change.

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Achieving Your Dream

It’s the end of the year again. Which means it’s time we promise ourselves to put an end to all of our bad habits and to start with the good ones, you know, the ones that are meant to improve our lives. The most common New Year’s Resolutions are focused on self-improvement and education. If you’re of the majority of Americans who make a New Year’s Resolution, know that only about eight percent are successful in achieving them.  Here at MightyCall we are determined to help you accomplish your goals, in whatever it is that you’re committed to, and here are some things to keep you motivated and to help you in achieving your dreams in 2015 and beyond!Read more…

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Why It’s a Good Idea to Have a Virtual Receptionist

Having a virtual receptionist will provide your business with a professional greeting for your callers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  After your customer listens to your greeting, the virtual receptionist will list the options the caller can select; whether it’s an employee-extension or specific department, their call with be routed automatically!

Does it require extra hardware or software?

No, none, zip, nada! No additional hardware or software is needed to set up your virtual receptionist.  The system is managed, by you, online.  Once you buy your phone number (or transfer your existing number), the virtual receptionist can be setup online and running within a few minutes.Read more…

Entrepreneur Success Story: Blue Line Logistics

Here at MightyCall, we understand that being an entrepreneur is a grind. It’s not an easy road, if it were then everyone would be doing it. And they’re not. You are.  Becoming an entrepreneur takes courage, risk, sacrifice, hard work, grueling hours, and working on little to no sleep. There will be highs and lows; successes and failures.  These are all steps to reach your goal and make a dream a reality.

We’re going to periodically feature an entrepreneur and their road to success.  Everyone’s journey  is a little different but there will be a lot of similarities.  This month’s entrepreneur is 22-year-old, Emmanuel Sagan who owns a freight shipping company called Blue Line Logistics. Here is his story.Read more…

Customer Service Solution — WIX ConnectHub App by MightyCall

Over 53 million small businesses and individuals use Wix to build their websites and manage their online presence. We’re excited to announce the release customer service solution — MightyCall ConnectHub for Wix, which allows these website owners to easily manage all customer interactions directly from the Wix dashboard while giving their visitors a great customer experience. Read more…

Generational Marketing and the Millennial Mindset

There’s a disconnect in how businesses communicate and market to their customers today.  This disconnect in generational marketing, could be killing their profits without them even knowing it.

Before I get started I want to clarify some generational marketing and generational characteristics.  Generational Marketing is defined as the approach to product development, Customer Relations Management (CRM), communication and marketing that recognizes generation as archetypes; a model of which all things are considered of the same type, copy or representation.

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