Top 9 Business Benefits of a Call Recording Solution

Call recording

Many businesses record customer calls for quality assurance and employee training. But there can be other benefits to call recording—some of which may surprise you.

In San Francisco, some elderly dementia patients have called a local taxicab company for rides. In some cases, the patients are later reported missing. Using the call recordings, the taxi company has helped police identify and locate the missing patients.

Here’s something else that might surprise you: The typical benefits of call recording—improving your contact center team’s performance, gaining better insights into how customers use your products or services to increasing revenues—aren’t just for midsized or large businesses.

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An Open Letter to Small Business Owners from Your Customer

An Open Letter to Small Business Owners:


I’m not going to beg to talk to you.

It doesn’t matter how clever you are.

It doesn’t matter how much better your idea or product is.

The market is a very noisy and crowded place and there are plenty of people there who have invented the same wheel as you.

And, like most of your potential customers, living in this world of instant gratification has trained me to be impatient.

And I’m very good at it.


So if my calls go unanswered and my messages don’t seem to merit a response, I’ll take my money and I’ll go somewhere else to spend it.

You see, if I need you badly enough to actually call you, I really need you.

Not in a while.

Not when you get around to me.

Not when you finally figure out how and who to route my call to.

If it weren’t important—and I’m the one who gets to decide what’s important—I might be willing to wait for an email or chat response. But this matters.


So, please, just pick up the phone.

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10 Tips to Make Your IVR Excellent, not Terrible

small business call center agent

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is the system we hate to deal with, but are forced to any time we need a bank, delivery service, or mobile service provider.

Ideally, we’d like our call to be received by a real operator who would listen to our problem and at best work to solve it, or at worst would transfer our call to the appropriate specialist.

Here are 10 tips suggested by our experts on how to make your IVR excellent rather than terrible.

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Make and receive calls with your computer!

With the addition of our web phone,  you can now use your computer to make AND receive calls from your MightyCall business number!

At your desk? Use your web phone to make outbound calls or receive incoming calls. On the road? Call from your business number using the MightyCall mobile application for iOS and Android devices.

The best part about this news? It’s included in our pricing! There is no up-charge for the added convenience of talking from your computer.

MightyCall Web Phone

MightyCall Web Phone

We’ve also redesigned the Activities page to make sure you never miss a customer contact. MightyCall will keep adding new and exciting features to make it easier to manage your business.

As always, let us know if you have any questions. We’re here to help!

What Digital Natives can teach us about the Virtual Phone System of the Future

Digital natives customer service

Digital Natives—those who grew up with technology—can teach us valuable lessons about where communications styles are heading. And by extension, they can show us what to expect from the virtual phone system of the future. Read more…

Customer Service is hard: The 6 best ways to lose customers

Are you a small business owner that just hates when people try to give you their money? Well have we got the solution for you.Read more…

MightyCall Combines SMS and Call-center Technology Into the Best tool For Your Business


As a provider of customer service tools MightyCall always aim to listen to our customer’s requests. In fact we spend hours looking over, planning and delivering those requests. The overwhelming ask as of late is “Why don’t you guys have texting?” Our response: “You’re right! We should add texting. “ MightyCall is proud that now we can offer SMS services t our ever-growing customer base. Read more…

Start your own business with these content marketing tips

Keep calm and start your own business!

Keep calm and start your own business!

Here at MightyCall, one of our favorite people to follow when it comes to content marketing are the folks at CopyBlogger.

Brian Clark, who heads up the CopyBlogger team, often says that when done right, content marketing will help your prospective customer know, like, and trust you.

If you are going to start your own business and being your own boss, getting your customers to know, like, and trust you are super important steps to getting them to eventually buy your products and services.

Let’s break down Brian’s three-step approach to successful content marketing.
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Origin Stories of 6 Social Media Giants

One-in-four startups fail within the first year. Of the companies that survive their first year of business, one-third won’t see their fifth.  Startups crash and burn all the time, and even the most successful CEOs have experienced failure. The companies that make it often have a few things in common: great leadership, encourage innovation, and (most importantly) embrace and adapt to change.

Take a look at 6 social media giants and how they adapted to change to achieve their success.Read more…

Achieving Your Dream

It’s the end of the year again. Which means it’s time we promise ourselves to put an end to all of our bad habits and to start with the good ones, you know, the ones that are meant to improve our lives. The most common New Year’s Resolutions are focused on self-improvement and education. If you’re of the majority of Americans who make a New Year’s Resolution, know that only about eight percent are successful in achieving them.  Here at MightyCall we are determined to help you accomplish your goals, in whatever it is that you’re committed to, and here are some things to keep you motivated and to help you in achieving your dreams in 2015 and beyond!Read more…