Voicemail & Transcription

Listen to voicemails, get notifications and transcription to text forwarded to email.

Voicemail Transcription

What is voicemail?

The MightyCall virtual phone system has a built-in voicemail service.

A calling customer leaves a voicemail when you or your teammates are unable (or don’t want) to answer an incoming call. In this case, the voicemail system plays the greeting to the caller and invites him to leave a message. Voice messages are converted to audio files for storing and retrieving.

Important voicemails always need attention and follow-up actions from you and your teammates. A unique feature of MightyCall is that voicemails automatically become tasks added to the task list. So, no voicemail will remain unattended.

What is Voicemail-to-text?

MightyCall virtual phone system supports voicemail-to-text transcription.

When a customer leaves a voicemail, MightyCall automatically transcribes audio to text. When you receive an e-mail notification about the voicemail, it includes the transcribed text.

Voicemail-to-text is a great feature for enhancing your productivity. You can take a quick look at the text and decide if this voicemail deserves attention. In addition, voicemail texts become searchable as a part of the e-mail.

How to store and retrieve voicemails

Every member of your team can have a dedicated voicemail box.

All voicemails are stored in MightyCall cloud and are accessible in your MightyCall web account and MightyCall mobile app.

As soon as the customer leaves the voicemail, you receive an email notification about it with a link for audio file downloading and the transcribed message (if you are subscribed to this option).

Why do you need voicemail

The main purpose of the voicemail system is to reduce the negative effect of missed calls. This has a great influence on the quality of customer service.

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