Why You Shouldn’t Be Using a Personal Phone for Work

It is common for owners of small businesses or those starting a new business to want to use their personal phone for work. It seems convenient. They can carry out all of their activities using just one phone and they only have to keep track of one device. However, in reality, using a personal phone for work does more harm than good.

A serious and business-minded entrepreneur can’t choose to mix business and please, and using a personal phone for work is doing just that.

Even as convenient as it may seem to be using a personal phone for work, only when you get to use separate lines for your personal life and your business will you realize that this is way more convenient than using a personal phone for work. Imagine having to wonder every time your phone rings whether it’s a personal or business call.

By using your personal phone for work, you tend to face a lot of problems, some of which are:

You are prone to threats.

When you are running a business, you give your number out to a lot of people. You advertise your products or services and you give out your number to the world. Now if you are using a personal phone for work and business, you will automatically be putting your personal number on all your advertising campaigns. That number does not really look ‘personal’ anymore, does it?

That is a dangerous thing to do as you risk constant attacks from hackers and scammers. Your phone is linked to many of your accounts, and the more people who know your personal number, the more at risk you are. Imagine advertising your credit card information to the world—doing so with your phone number is almost as bad. With just your phone number, a skilled hacker can get into your bank accounts. That’s the kind of gamble you are taking if you’re using your personal phone for work or business.

You will be easily distracted.

If you are going to work or run your business, then you should do it effectively without unnecessary distractions. Using a personal phone for work will only end up making you unnecessarily distracted at work. People carry out all sorts of communications that are not work-related at work when they use their personal phone for work.

Your personal phone also holds your social media accounts and contacts–which can all be quite distracting. You won’t be able to get rid of these distractions at work since your personal phone is also your work phone.

You can’t avoid robocalls.

Robocalls are phone calls that use a computerized autodialer to deliver a pre-recorded message. Robocalls are often associated with political and telemarketing phone campaigns, but can also be used for public-service or emergency announcements. Almost everyone, one time or another, has encountered these types of calls. Simply put, they are frustrating.

The more public a phone number is, the more frequent robocalls tend to bug it. So if you are using your personal phone for work, then you are automatically opening the door wide open for robocalls to come in. The frustrating nature of these calls is just a minor issue you will need to worry about. They will also clog your phone line up and block access to customers, severely dragging revenue down.

You can’t control customer-employee interaction.

If you have employees working for you, it is important for you to be constantly aware of the way they interact with your customers. You should be able to get feedback on how each of them handles customer situations and know if your customers are satisfied. And if not, you need to know which employees to talk to.

This will be difficult if not impossible to achieve if you are using a personal phone for work. It means that your employees also handle calls on their own end independently using their phones, which means there is no central system with feedback coming to you and you can only trust that your employees are carrying out their duty, as you have no actual yardstick of measuring.

You will be bound to that phone number.

Using your personal phone for work means all your phone activities are through that phone number. That is the same number you will use for all your business ads and campaigns.

This will make it more difficult for you to enjoy flexibility. If due to circumstance, like losing your phone for example, you are forced to change your number, greatly affecting your work.

You will lose contact with clients and customers, and you will need to start re-establishing contact. You would also need to spend capital making new ads and campaigns since the contact number on the previous ones are no longer relevant.

It disrupts work-life balance.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. And you are on your way to becoming like Jack if you will be using your personal phone for work. This will mean that you are open to receiving business phone calls at any time and that automatically means that you’re always on the clock. This is not healthy.

Although it is quite good to be able to take your customers’ calls as promptly as possible, you should be able to have a life of your own outside of work. There should be some sort of balance, which of course, when using your personal phone for work, will be difficult to maintain.

To avoid these problems, we recommend getting a virtual phone number for your work and business. Getting a virtual phone number not only lets you avoid all these problems but also adds massive value to your business values through its dozens of features.

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