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Voicemail-to-Text: How to get voicemail transcripts in email

The Need

If you told 100 random people on the street that voicemail was still relevant in society, most wouldn’t believe you. When was the last time you left or got a voicemail on your personal number? Those days seem to be gone. What isn’t through however, is using voicemail for business.

Even small businesses get dozens of calls a day—often too much for a solopreneur or small staff to handle in the moment. Instead of a customer call going nowhere, voicemail is there as the last line of defense, allowing the customer to say what they were going to and letting the company work that request out accordingly.

This intrinsic relevance keeps voicemail chugging along, which is why nearly every major VoIP service offers it. Nevertheless, the concept stands to be streamlined. Enter the voicemail-to-text feature.


What It Is

This feature combines the versatility of voicemail without the old-fashioned need to go through everything with a fine comb. Using hi-tech speech recognition, VoIP services will create a transcript of any voicemail you receive and send it to you via email (or sometimes text message). This means you can glance at a message and get the gist in a fourth of the time it would take to actually listen to the entire message.

voicemail transcroption


How Voicemail Transcripts Work

With MightyCall, this time-saver is especially useful since we have multiple other features that can highlight voicemail if your staff is overwhelmed by calls or if an employee is simply sick or out of the office. By distinguishing between business hours (calls go to you or another employee) and nonbusiness hours (e.g. after 8 pm), you can route calls late at night or on the weekend to voicemail and still keep up to date with customer requests simply by checking your email.

voicemail settings

Additionally, we know these things happen, so MightyCall’s activity queue displays voicemails as well. In fact, any time you get a voicemail, two things happen: 1. The voicemail transcript goes to your email, and 2. The voicemail goes up on your activity queue so you remember to respond to the customer.

It is important to note that voicemail-to-text is only available on our Standard and Ultimate plans. It’s an incredibly useful feature that particularly shines across a larger VoIP setup with multiple extensions. If you are on one of those plans (priced at $39.99 and $99.99, respectively), fear not, there is no work involved in getting your voicemails sent to your email!


Getting Voicemail Transcripts via Email

The minute your account goes active any and all voicemails are automatically sent to you via email (which you give us during signup) within minutes of the voicemail coming in. These emails will contain the message text along with the number of the caller (or name, if they are in your contact book) and the exact time the voicemail came in. To reiterate, you get an email for each voicemail you receive (this is not a cumulative daily snapshot), so if you receive 4 voicemails in a day, you will get 4 emails.

If for some reason you no longer want to receive your voicemail transcripts via email, you can deactivate the feature by clicking on the unsubscribe notice at the bottom of any voicemail notification email or by going to your MightyCall profile and disabling the feature by clicking the corresponding slider. Even if you choose not to receive these emails, your voicemail transcripts will still be available to you on your MightyCall profile page.

voicemail to email


Storing Voicemails

Another key aspect that separates MightyCall from most other VoIP providers is the fact that all of our plans include multiple phone numbers and unlimited user extensions. For voicemail, this is great since customers can call an extension and leave a voicemail if they need to speak to someone specific. For each extension in the system, there is a dedicated voicemail box; ergo all of your employees can have their own personal business voicemail.

Don’t worry though, anyone with admin access on the MightyCall profile will be able to see the voicemails each extension is receiving and make sure those customer requests are being handled properly, since every voicemail will automatically enter the MightyCall Cloud. There is a storage limit (although it can hold hundreds of messages), so try not to hoard hundreds of old voicemails if your business can help it.

That’s all there is to know about the voicemail-to-text feature! Again, it’s extremely useful and super simple, so if it sounds like something that could benefit your business, be sure to give it a try!


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