Voicemail Text (Voicemail Transcription)

Voicemail; research has shown that a lot of people on hearing or seeing this word alone automatically become uninterested. Many people tend to avoid voicemail and never leave one. They believe that their voicemails will not be heard.

Well, you cannot blame them, can you? How many voicemails have you taken the time to listen to over the past few years? How many have you sent yourself?

If you are a business owner however, voicemail is not something you want to jettison. It can be an essential tool in your business’s phone system.

You likely can’t take or answer all of your customers’ calls, but you can encourage them to leave voicemails. But how can you try to convince people who are skeptical about voicemails to leave one for you? And how convenient or possible would it be for you listen to a plethora of incoming voicemails?

Fortunately, MightyCall has a solution to this. With MightyCall you are certain that the voicemail message your customers hear is a professional one and you can also have a one-size-fits-all voicemail message for your company.

Speaking of your convenience, voicemails can be sent to both your MightyCall Web Interface and the Mobile app (iOS & Android), where they can easily be directed to anyone in your company to handle.

voicemail text

Some voicemails may be longer than the others. Although MightyCall supports voicemails of 3 minutes max length, a lot of people find it quite difficult to listen to a voicemail past the first minute, if even past the first few seconds. This is especially true for those who are constantly on-the-go.

To make voicemail more effective, voicemail text is the ultimate feature. The voicemail text option helps convert voicemails to texts. Studies show that the majority of people prefer to read texts rather than listen to voicemails. You also probably prefer to have messages left for you as texts instead of voice messages, especially if it’s long.

How Does MightyCall’s Voicemail Transcription Work?

The voicemail text (or voicemail-to-text, as more commonly known) feature works in a very simple way. When your customers call and leave a voicemail, MightyCall’s voicemail system automatically picks up the voicemail and transcribes it to text, if you are using the voicemail text option.

In addition to that, the audio files of your voicemails will still be available to you if you do decide to listen.

You can also create different voicemail inboxes. These are basically the locations of storage for different voicemails and texts. You can create a voicemail box for each of the employees in your directory, and voicemails will be directed to each inbox accordingly.

The auto attendant will route calls that cannot be answered to voicemail by default (you can change these settings on your account page).

Calls can be automatically routed to voicemails depending on the caller or the time of call, like during either business hours or non-business hours. You can, for instance, set calls to go directly to voicemail after business hours and inform callers of your schedule via the recorded greeting.

voicemail text

Notifications about every voicemail are sent to your email. With the voicemail text option active, the notifications sent will include the transcribed texts. This way you can take a quick look at each voicemail text and see which is urgent and which is not. This helps save a lot of time and increases your productivity.

One of the widespread reasons why people are not encouraged to leave voicemails is the common notion that they are not quickly attended to, if seen at all. It isn’t unusual for voicemails to languish for hours before they are seen.

MightyCall, however, took this into consideration in the design of our voicemail system, consequently making this widespread worry a non-issue for MightyCall users.

When a customer leaves a voicemail for you, two things happen. First, the voicemails are automatically converted to audio for storage, and the text transcript stored alongside it. Then the voicemail is added to your activity queue to be handled appropriately by you or your employees.

This not only guarantees that no voicemail is left unanswered, but also ensures that as every voicemail comes in, you know about it as soon as possible.

Can You Perform Basic Text-message Operations on Voicemail Text?

Yes, you can. You can easily respond to voicemail texts as you would to any other text message. Once voicemails have been transcribed for you, you can read, reply, forward, or copy them, as well as performing any other operations that you would for a text message.

You can also delete your voicemail texts whenever you want to. Deleting your voicemail texts, however, does not delete the voicemails in your voicemail box. To do this you have to go to your voicemail box and delete the voicemails manually.

Although MightyCall has no limit as to how many voicemails and voicemail texts you can keep, it is advisable for proper record keeping to check your voicemail boxes and delete the ones that you’ve handled from time to time.

If caller ID is available, it is sent together with the voicemail text and you will receive it as part of the message. If it is not available, perhaps because the caller has blocked their caller ID information, messages are sent with the ‘no caller ID’ label. This will help you to prioritize and know which messages to attend to urgently and which can wait.

How Reliable Is Voicemail Text?

Over the last few years, there has been some skepticism about the reliability of voicemail to text transcription in technology spheres. However, as technology advances day-by-day, speech recognition becomes and has become more and more accurate.

The MightyCall voicemail-to-text system was designed putting many different varieties of speech into the system and its accuracy in transcribing voices to text is fantastic.

In addition to testing different speech outputs, careful attention was paid to the assessment and recognition of spoken numbers. This is because it can be easier to guess a correct word in a text, in case a mistake was made (which is a rarity for the MightyCall voicemail system), and this is generally less harmful.

However, with numbers, just one wrong transcription could prove fatal. For instance, a mistake in an account number might lead to loss or misplaced funds.

This is why number recognition was key in MightyCall’s voicemail-to-text design, to give users a 100% accurate system for recognizing spoken numbers.

What Are the Advantages of Voicemail Text?

There a lot of benefits you and your business stand to enjoy when you use the voicemail text option, some of which include:

1. Increase in productivity.

When you have the voicemail text option active, text transcripts are attached to every voicemail sent to your e-mail. This way you can take a quick scan of all texts and determine which voicemail to go for first.

This enables you to prioritize and attend to urgent transactions quickly. This, in turn, increases productivity as time-efficiency is achieved.

2. Simplicity and ease.

You may not be able to listen to voicemails in any place at any times, especially if you are the type that’s always on the move, but you sure can read.

Listening to voicemails requires more attention and you might not always have the luxury of a quiet environment around you. With voicemail text, however, you can glance at the message voicemails contain from almost anywhere and make necessary judgments.

3. Accuracy and better transaction.

Because of the accurate nature of the voicemail text system, you can always be guaranteed that your transactions are error-free. Sometimes human errors occur while trying to listen to voicemails. Some people might find it difficult to discern or understand certain types of speech or accents, which could consequently lead to misinformation.

However, the MightyCall speech recognition system is designed to understand different speech outputs and accurately transcribe voicemails to texts. This ensures an accurate and better transaction.

4. Better record keeping.

Since all voicemails are saved as similar audio files, sometimes it may be difficult to know one from the other from a pool of saved voicemails. With voicemail texts, however, you can easily differentiate one voicemail from the other from the text transcripts attached to each of them.

This will enable you to easily locate any voicemail when searching.

5. Better customer service.

Voicemail-to-text makes sure that it is convenient for you to process your customers’ voicemails and dispatch them accordingly. And with the MightyCall voicemail system, notifications about voicemails are immediate.

This ensures better customer service as your customers are certain that their voicemails are not only being, received but are valued.

All in all, you can help rid people of their skepticism about voicemails, especially in the business sector, and encourage your customers or potential customers to leave voicemails in case their calls cannot be answered.

MightyCall has provided the perfect tool and system for you to do this. The question is, will you use it?

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