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Best Mobile VoIP Apps: Business Comparison (2019)

A voice over IP (VoIP) phone system without a reliable, intuitive mobile VoIP app is like pie without the filling, or turkey minus the stuffing: something about it just doesn’t feel right. And for good reason!

In a world unthinkable without apps for every imaginable life task and event, it’s natural that mobile VoIP apps would take the pedestal of business communications. Not only are they the ultimate mobility tool, allowing to move client communication out of the office without dropping an ounce of professionalism, most mobile VoIP apps come as part of a greater package of VoIP goodies.

For everyone on the lookout for that perfect match VoIP app for iOS/Android– and those who care about the overall performance of their business communications system as much as the details – here’s a back-to-back comparison of the most popular mobile VoIP providers, rates, and alternatives.



Skype for Business

skype for business mobile app

Image via Microsoft

If you’ve been using Skype for some time, you’ve seen it grow from an independent IP-based video communications tool to a Microsoft service providing Skype virtual numbers, long-distance calling options, and Office365 integrations. While Skype remains the #1 personal video calling app, Skype for Business offers functionality of a different kind.

+ Intrateam communication– Skype for Business was designed as an audio/video conferencing service for teams and is still at its strongest in this capacity. Most business owners agree that they use Skype for Business desktop and mobile apps largely as an IM platform for team communication.

+ Content viewing– following Microsoft’s April 2019 update to Skype for Business Android and iOS apps, mobile users are now able to view a presenter’s desktop and the applications shared during meetings.

+ Affordability – Skype for Business pricing starts at $2 per user or comes free with Office365.

– Reliability issues with mobile app – according to multiple users, one of the most popular glitches in the Skype for Business system is a “cumbersome” mobile app. The app often falls prey to connectivity issues and problems with chat history/order of chats.

– All users must be Skype for Business subscribers – if you plan to use Skype for Business for communication with customers, you can do that via the Skype for Business Federation feature (connects you to an external organization as long as that business is also a Skype for Business user). Alternatively, you may connect via regular Skype.

– No sync with “regular” Skype – The option of getting a virtual Skype number isn’t available on Skype for Business. To get a business number for your office, you’ll have to go back to good old regular Skype or use Microsoft Teams (comes with Office365) If you plan to use both services — Skype for Business as a communication tool for your team, and regular Skype for communication with customers — things are bound to get confusing. Surprisingly, there’s currently no way to export contacts from one sibling service to the other.

MightyCall alternative – more freedom, less switching between apps

MightyCall is a dedicated virtual phone system that includes a full-feature mobile VoIP app for iOS/Android. It allows you to get a local or toll-free number of your choice for your business. Unlike with Skype numbers, you’ll have the flexibility to choose your very own number from a wide range of options. You may even choose an easy to remember vanity number [like 1(xxx)FLOWERS.]

You’ll also be able to talk with and message absolutely any mobile or landline number minus the handicap of all your team members and clients being registered in the same service.

MightyCall also takes the experience of Skype for Business to the next level with its built-in CRM functionality. Instead of having business contacts all over various apps and address books, your team will access a single client base with important comments on any device.


Vonage Business Mobile VoIP App

vonage business mobile voip app

Image via AppAdvice

A long-standing name in the VoIP market, Vonage Business is often the first choice for business owners who are new to Voice over IP technologies and are making the initial transition from PSTN. Here is what this established VoIP service offers small business.

+   Reliable mobile VoIP app – Vonage offers Vonage Business Cloud Mobile Plus for businesses that prefer mobile-first VoIP. This plan allows to use softphones and smartphones but not IP desk phones.

+   Business features – Vonage Business has a pack of VoIP features developed for business needs including privacy, customer service, and remote work features.

+   Simple to use – though customer service glitches tend to occur with Vonage, most users agree that the service is not very difficult to set up in a small business environment.

– Charges per user+ per number: Vonage charges $14.99 per line/month which, for multiple users can add up to considerable fees. Moreover, getting a number from Vonage involves a separate fee. A local number will cost $9.99 plus taxes and fees/month while a toll-free number is a whopping $39.99 plus tax and fees/month.

– Many features are add-on for extra fees – In addition to the user and number fees, Vonage Business charges extra for VoIP features like call queues, call recording, voicemail-to-text, call group, SMS with your business ID, and spam protection.

– Relies on existing internet connection– If you look closely, you’ll see notices all over Vonage pricing plans: high-speed internet required. Unlike VoIP services that use combined technology to ensure a smooth connection, Vonage relies completely on the power of your existing network connection to run smoothly.

MightyCall alternative – all-inclusive pricing, no per user fees

When you join MightyCall’s virtual phone system you never pay per user. Pricing is based on three plans starting from $19.99 and is 100% no strings attached. What you see is what you get — plus unlimited extensions, multiple users, dozens of VoIP features, all taxes and fees included.

With the MightyCall mobile VoIP app, you can do important tasks right from a smartphone:

  • make/receive calls with their Business ID
  • save, comment on, and auto-sync business contacts with your whole team
  • send SMS using Business ID
  • get push notifications on various activities
  • listen to call recordings
  • manage client requests and team performance

MightyCall users also have desktop access to over 35 calling, customer care, team and analytics features, including: unlimited extensions, call menus, call flows, protection from robocalls, IVR menus, custom voice greetings, after-hour call routing, web widgets, and much more. For a crystal-clear connection, MightyCall deals with highly reputable partners situated close to a user’s location. They eliminate delays and low quality caused by distance. Service availability is guaranteed up to 99.99%.


Ooma Office Mobile VoIP App

ooma office mobile voip app

Image via Ooma

Ooma Office presents itself as a plug-and-play office solution. Users can get the bundle of VoIP service + IP desk phone without additional device shopping (what would we not do to spare that headache, right?)

The Ooma Office for Mobile VoIP app is available for all Ooma Office users and allows to connect to an existing Ooma system on the go.

+ VoIP app with main features – the mobile VoIP app by Ooma Office offers standard features necessary for communicating on the go such as: voice communication; call transfer to other Ooma extensions, voicemail, international calling via your company’s Prepaid Balance.

+ Quick office solution – If you want to complement your mobile VoIP app with IP desk phones for a small office, this can be done through a single service with Ooma Office.

– No texting feature – The ability to send text messages from your business number via the mobile app (or any Ooma Office service, for that matter) is an important feature missing from the service.

– Involves custom hardware – It makes sense to commit to Ooma if you’re {re}equipping your office with IP-compatible phones. If you’re looking for a mobile-first VoIP provider, the included Ooma Office app doesn’t go beyond basic functionality.

– Pay-per-line and number policy – like Vonage Business, Ooma Office runs on a pay-per-line rate. The starter $19.99/user per month pricing includes a local number and one user extension (for you). A toll-free number (with 500 calling min.) costs an additional $9.99/month.

MightyCall alternative – Mobile app + IP desk phone integration

You really can ‘have your cake and eat it too’ with a professional voice system that doesn’t make you choose between mobility and in-office functionality! In addition to regularly upgrading its mobile app, MightyCall makes it simple to connect your phone system to an IP desk phone or other network-connected devices.

With MightyCall, you can forward calls to:

Instead of missing out on one functionality for the sake of another, you can have a single solution for all business communications.


Google Voice Mobile VoIP App

google voice mobile voip app

Image via Google Voice

Google Voice is a free mobile VoIP app that, in a business environment, primarily attracts solopreneurs and home-office business owners. An accessible, free solution, Google Voice is best for individual or freelance use.

+ Free local phone number – if you live in some of the nation’s less populous areas or don’t need a local area code, Google Voice will give you a virtual phone number absolutely free.

+ Google mobile app – Google’s app is easy to use and provides features like calling, messaging, voicemail, and call recording (not automatic, though).

+ Good starter VoIP features – call forwarding to multiple devices, desktop and mobile app, calls and SMS, call screening, call recording, and voice greetings are included in the package.

– Only for U.S. users – Despite years in the market, Google Voice is only available for U.S.-based Google accounts.

– Limited number availability – as Google’s service is free and very popular, getting a local number is extremely difficult or downright impossible for many locales. There’s no support for toll-free or vanity numbers.

– Insufficient customer experience – as Google Voice was never designed for business use, many users find themselves switching providers due to a lack of customer service features such as: toll-free number; call menu; after-hours call routing; built-in CRM; integration with business website and social media accounts; etc.

Learn more about the pros and cons of using Google Voice for business.

MightyCall alternative – impeccable customer experience with built-in CRM

mobile voip app

MightyCall works by improving customer experience across all communication channels. This includes phone, social media, and web – a feat that’s impossible for even the best free VoIP services like Google Voice.

In addition to the standard VoIP features, MightyCall comes with mini-CRM for your team. How is it different from the functionality of other VoIP apps? With services like Google Voice, all you get is an individual Contacts/Address book to save your contacts. With MightyCall mini-CRM, you can do things like these:

  • Share a single business contact book with your team – As a team, you get a single business contacts book for everyone to use and update with numbers, emails, and comments. This makes it super easy to contact clients on different devices without digging for a client’s number, email, or conversation details.
  • Keep only relevant info – Import and export contacts in the blink of an eye, so all your devices are updated with a relevant list. This means each of your team members won’t be responsible for personally updating their devices which always gets messy.
  • Keep the conversation going, together – Take notes to remember important details from client interactions. Comments are visible to the whole team, so any employee can tune in to the conversation and follow up.

Mini-CRM is free on all MightyCall plans.

cut communication costs

Another standout customer service feature is called Activity Queue. This is a tool that lets you see missed activities from all MightyCall business numbers on all connected devices (including your team’s devices). The system even detects the most urgent activities and highlights them. You may then delegate activities to your team members as to-do tasks – because, you know, a reminder does everyone good!

Final word

American writer Henri David Thoreau once said, “live the life you have imagined”. Echoing him, we boldly rephrase, “be the entrepreneur you imagine yourself to be!”

Even if you’re currently a one-man orchestra juggling your new business with a ton of financial, sales, and marketing tasks (and a few stolen hours of sleep), your professional image and customer care should never falter.

With something as small as a convenient mobile VoIP app – and the larger backbone of a virtual phone system for business behind it – you can focus more on getting things done and worry less about business communication straying far from your fingertips.

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