Looking to the Future and the 10 Most in Demand Businesses on Mars


Over the years, Hollywood has released dozens of movies centered around the human race traveling to and colonizing Mars. However, when talks turn to the possible reality of such a feat, people tend to become a bit more skeptic. I mean, traveling to Mars is not possible, right? Well, there are a growing number of people (and some really smart people I might add) who believe that venturing to and colonizing Mars is not only possible but is almost certainly inevitable.

Here at MightyCall, we’ve always believed that the possibilities available with modern technology are virtually limitless. And, while discussing a future on Mars may seem a bit premature, if we are to believe a growing number of experts on the matter, then the time is now to start preparing to do business on the Red Planet. Therefore, to help you get a head start on the competition, I’ve put together a list of what I believe will be the top ten most in-demand businesses on Mars once the mass migration begins.

Cryogenic Transportation

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, also owns SpaceX, whose primary goal is to send people to Mars. Musk estimates that sometime between 2025 and 2027, two rocket ships will leave Earth with the first pilgrims headed to Mars. While the first two ships will carry only four to ten passengers, colonizer ships that should be built by 2030 may be able to carry up to 100 people each.

Musk and other experts on the subject estimate it will take approximately 246 days to make the epic journey from Earth to Mars (8 months.) To avoid complete boredom, passengers on colonizer ships may have the option of being cryogenically frozen during the trip. Cryotechnology is still relatively young but could someday create a fortune for the right entrepreneur(s).

Teleportation Services

Until recently, teleportation was said to be literally impossible. However, recent advances in science and technology indicate that “beaming things and people” from one place to another might not be as farfetched as once imagined.

It won’t take long for would be passengers to tire of the thought of being asleep on a spaceship for eight months (or more.) Furthermore, if Cryo passengers will be willing to shell out 400 to 500,000 dollars for an eight-month trip, how much more do you think well-heeled clients would be willing to pay to make the trip in a few seconds. Think it’s completely impossible? Well, it might be. However, papers published by at least one major university state otherwise.

Bio-Dome Agriculture and Livestock

Regardless of what else colonizers may do on Mars, one thing is certain; they’ll have to eat. Somehow, I don’t think those little protein/nutrient pills you see on Sci-Fi shows are going to go over too well for most people that make the journey. Therefore, someone’s going to have to find a way to get meat and veggies to settlers on the New World.

While it may take something like a modern-day Noah’s Ark to get live plants and livestock to Mars initially, some savvy entrepreneurs will surely figure out a way to set up bio-dome type structures that enable the growing of plants and the raising of farm animals like chickens, cows, and pigs. I also have a feeling that while most of us may take these simple necessities for granted on Earth, homegrown meat, fruit and vegetables will sell at premium prices on Mars.

Water Purification/Production

Besides oxygen, of course, the only thing that will be more important on Mars than food will be clean drinking water. Scientists believe that there is water on Mars; however, they are not sure if it’s drinkable. Consequently, if there is water on Mars, someone will need to purify and make it suitable for consumption. If there is no water on Mars, then some really smart people will figure out a cost-effective way to produce H²O from hydrogen and oxygen. Either way, water will be big business on Mars.

Hospitality and Entertainment

Nobody likes to eat or stay at home all the time, so there will be a need for entertainment, hotels, and restaurants of all kinds. If tourism to Mars ever becomes popular (and I think it will,) the need for hospitality and entertainment providers will be huge. As with all other things on Mars, eating out or taking a vacation will probably be expensive. Therefore, for those savvy chefs, hoteliers, and producers that get in on the ground floor, there will absolutely be plenty of money to be made in these industries.


Depending on the environmental concerns and requirements settlers face when they arrive on Mars, it’s hard to tell how construction and infrastructure will need to be approached. One this is certain, though, and that is people will need places to live and work as well as other necessities such as bridges, walkways, and streets (or something similar to streets.)

In the beginning, governments or authorities may handle initial construction projects. Still, I don’t think it will be long thereafter that the private sector will be doing most of the building. Building homes, condos and whatever else on Mars will be expensive and possibly dangerous. Therefore, expect contractors — big and small — to earn good livings in this field.

Recruiting Services

I am just guessing when I say that I think there will be millions of people who will want to travel to the stars and settle on Mars. Nevertheless, not everyone will be a good candidate for such a long and arduous journey and resettlement experience. Therefore, I think it’s also relatively safe to assume that companies will want to qualify and screen candidates before spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to bring them to the Red Planet. Because companies will surely require help in finding quality candidates and employees, I think recruitment service firms will spring up all over the place to help businesses attract and hire the type of workers they need.

Sub-Space Communications

I don’t even want to start thinking about how much long distance calls will cost settlers on Mars who want to call back home to Earth. I imagine in the coming years, though, better and cheaper technologies will make such communication feats at least possible. As far as the cost, I have no idea. Still, there will certainly be a market for telephone-type communications services on Mars whether it’s sub-space radio, some type of video calling or something else. One thing is for sure, though; if at all possible, you can bet MightyCall will have a contingent on Mars leading the way to better quality communications — just like we do here on Earth.

Import and Export Services

In some ways, traveling to Mars will be just like visiting any other place on Earth; when you’re far from home, you miss things in the place you’re from. So, to help homesick Mars settlers, you can bet there will be no shortage of importers bringing peoples’ favorite goods and commodities from good ole Mother Earth. Likewise, there will almost certainly be a demand for goods and products from Mars here on the Blue Planet. I don’t know if they will be fancy crystals, Mars rocks, or what, but whatever they are, I am sure they will be costly here on Earth.

Financial Services

Banks and other financial services earn huge profits here on Earth, and there is no reason to think things will be any different on Mars. It’s reasonable to expect that workers on Mars will command considerably higher wages than here at home on Earth. So, things will cost more as well. Therefore, there will be no shortage of loans for banks and lenders to make. Also, remittance services from Mars to Earth (and vice versa) probably won’t be too shabby as a business as well. And, of course, you can rest assured that Banks and finance centers will get their cut.


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