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Limitless Phone Extensions, Limitless Opportunity

Why Phone Extensions are What Your Business Needs to Get to the Next Level

So as any small business owner will tell you, one of the most important aspects of running a business, be it a growing business, a shrinking business, or a stable business, is flexibility. The ability to be able to shift, to easily change with whatever new troubles are being presented to you- that is a key to success. It is critical that business owners build their businesses in a way which helps them to weather dismal and story economic seas. One of the best ways to do this is through phone extensions.

Now, you have definitely heard of these. If you have ever worked in an office setting you are of course implicitly aware of extensions- after all, you have probably had one (or two or three or four…). Even if you have never worked in an office, you still have almost undoubtedly encountered them at times, like when you call your bank and the auto attendant asks you if you know the four digit extension of the person you are calling.

Effectively, extensions are four digit (sometimes three digit and sometimes more) numbers which are effectively add-ons (or, extensions) to a standard phone number. This is incredibly useful for businesses.

How? What exactly are extensions beyond just a four digit, well, extension to a phone number? How can they take your business to the next level? Here we’re going to give you the skinny on why you should consider making your numbers just a little longer.


What are phone extensions exactly?

So as we said above, phone extensions are multi-digit numbers which can be added to phone numbers to make them longer and to expand—or should we say extend?—your business’ opportunities.

Phone extensions can be written out after the phone number (1-800-XXX-XXXX, Ext. XXX), or just with the extension itself (Ext. XXX). They are incredibly useful because they enable businesses to save money and to also more easily organize both their employees and their callers.

Let’s start with the latter situation first. How does having multiple phone extensions help to organize callers? Well, let’s say you are a caller to a business. Now, if you are desiring to communicate with someone specifically and you call and reach an auto attendant, without having to speak to any humans you can just type the extension you want and be automatically connected. If you did not have an extension, you would have to wait, eventually get connected to a live person, and THEN have your call connected.

Sort of a pain, no? And it’s what everyone hates about calling businesses: the wait times. Even with an auto attendant (which can speed things up), it still takes forever. With extensions? Not so.

But extensions can ALSO save you money as a business owner. How so?

phone extension


What are phone extensions NOT?

Here’s how: because phone extensions are NOT phone numbers. You may think this is a small deal, but it’s actually pretty significant.

So once again, let’s head to the world of the (possibly) hypothetical: you are an expanding small business. It’s been you and a friend working for years, but you’ve recently ran into some success and you want to hire more people. However, you are still trying to cut costs whenever possible, and though some companies offer great plans and pricing for the amount of numbers you’re looking for, you would still prefer to keep the number of numbers to as small as an amount as possible.

With extensions, this is a cinch. With some companies you can add extensions as easy as 1-2-3 (if you’d prefer 123 to be the extension; you could do 321 for all we care). Later on we’ll talk about how easy it is to add extensions with MightyCall. For now, you want to just take away the fact that phone extensions make it so, so easy to expand your business without having to make your wallet smaller.

It is important to note that extensions are also, if you go with the right company, super easy to get rid of. As we said in the beginning: it’s flexibility that matters. And phone extensions provide it.


Who can use phone extensions? Who are they best for?

Well, if you are not quite sure yet if phone extensions are good for you, we should be hones there: they are almost certainly helpful for you.

That said, we’ll throw in a brief disclaimer here: if you run a small business and you are the only person involved and it is a super small business, then perhaps extensions are not for you, especially if you are not looking to extend in any way. Not saying that they cannot work for you, but it might just end up overcomplicating things.

If you are in any other situation however, they are super useful. Even if you only have one other person working with you, with phone extensions you can both share a single number and not run into any issues whatsoever. You can both speak on your separate extensions at the same time, make calls, leave and receive voicemails- it makes your life easy. Ditto if you have a larger team. And if your small business is large enough to have departments/different sections, then phone extensions are an absolute must: they ensure that your business stays with one phone number (key for attracting callers) while also being organized and able to run smoothly (key for making your business actually run successfully).

How many exact phone extensions you will need of course depends on everything in the previous paragraph, but you should make sure to go with a telephone/telephony company which allows you to have as many extensions as you will possibly want to have in the future. Nothing would be worse than pre-emptively limiting yourself.


Where can you get phone extensions from?

Well, this is dependent upon a lot of things. Almost always you can get them through your provider- in fact, this is basically the only way you can get them.

However, this means that the decision of who you go with as a provider should take into account their policy on phone extensions. Some companies charge extra per extension, which is problematic if you are planning to get a big batch at once. Some companies do not make it easy to add extensions.

MightyCall, however, makes it simple. Here’s a video which goes into more detail and shows you exactly how to add phone extensions, but basically all you have to do is go into the MightyCall web panel (which all MightyCall users have. Click on Team and then click “Add User.” Fill in some basic information- their name, email, the number you want to connect them too and, of course, what you want their extension to be (and it can be whichever number you want) and then send them an invite. If they accept (and they hopefully would) then that means you’re in. Done. Easy as pie. And if you clicked the price plans earlier—if not, here is the link again—you’d notice that even MightyCall’s Basic plan comes with unlimited users- which means unlimited extensions. So you can buy a plan which includes two numbers AND have tons of users in that plan- without having to shell out extra dough. It’s an incredible deal, and it’s one you should consider when deciding who to go with.


phone extensions

Of course, MightyCall’s higher tiered plans also include unlimited users. If you still aren’t sold, head on over to the Features page to see all of the awesome things which come with a MightyCall plan- from call forwarding to any device to call recording to visual voicemail to automatic voicemail transcription (and tons more- seriously, it’s good stuff), MightyCall is affordably priced, worth every penny, and made to be as flexible as possible for small business owners.


In Short, Be Sure to Extend Your Numbers

So that’s the long and short of extending your phone numbers. Phone extensions are a no brainer for any business or small business owner, and are definitely things you would want to consider in light of all of the benefits they can provide you and your business with. Whether you are a small but burgeoning organization working out of a garage, or a long-loved and respected institution in your town, if you have not yet considered getting phone extensions, you probably should. And do yourself a favor- get them with MightyCall, the sort of company which was built with flexibility and small businesses in mind.

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