Why MightyCall is the Best Alternative to Grasshopper

In this article we cover:Things to consider when selecting a virtual phone number provider; Why MightyCall’s pricing policy is better than Grasshopper’s; What MightyCall features Grasshopper lacks; Why choose MightyCall over other providers.


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MightyCall Combines SMS and Call-center Technology Into the Best tool For Your Business

As a provider of customer service tools MightyCall always aim to listen to our customer’s requests. In fact we spend hours looking over, planning and delivering those requests.
23 March 2015 Product News Read more

Tips on Using MightyCall’s Virtual Receptionist

If you want to look like a big, credible, business even with a small budget, here are some tips for looking professional with a virtual receptionist by MightyCall.

How MightyCall is Taking Lessons From the Battle of Britain

The MightyCall service that you have come to know and love is now just over a year old. Time sure flies when you have great customers!
27 October 2014 Product News Read more

Give Your Business an International Internet Phone Number

If your business has customers in other countries, you can now give them a local number to call so they do not incur expensive international charges.

Earn Commission By Joining The MightyCall Affiliate Program

If your business is helping other small businesses, then you’re constantly thinking about two things: How can I provide additional value to my customers to keep them happy and earn additional incremental revenue at the same time?
31 July 2014 Product News Read more

How to Stop Driving Customers Away

How to stop driving customers awayWhen my son turned 16 last year, we bought him driving lessons. We picked a driving school with great instructors, a good program and a solid reputation.
21 July 2014 Product News Read more

The MightyCall Story and Hubert the Lion

It has been brought to our attention that we need to do a better job flagging content that is fiction. And the person who did it was absolutely right.
18 July 2014 Product News Read more

What is a Virtual Phone Number?

Updated: 2017.06.13In this article we cover:― what a virtual phone number is; ― four aspects which a cloud phone system can improve;
16 July 2014 Product News Read more

Eight Ways MightyCall is the Best Alternative to Google Voice

img#blogHero{display:none}Updated: 2017.02.09 In this article we cover:Why VoIP is good for business communication; Why MightyCall’s virtual phone number is better than Google Voice in terms of business;
21 June 2014 Product News Read more

How To Improve Customer Service With Outbound Calls

How to improve customer service with outbound calls Many of you have asked for a dialpad so you can make outbound calls from within your MightyCall app on your iOS or Android device.