5 things to do when starting your own business

If you are thinking of starting your own business, here are a few basic building blocks you need to consider to establish your credibility.

Maybe you are a stay-home parent ready to do something else, or maybe you are a student in college wanting to get some experience with starting your own gig or even earn some extra money.

Perhaps you are someone who hates your job, and are looking for a way to build your own business on the side.

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[Infographic] Starting Your Own Business? 10-Tips to Impress.

If you are starting your own business and want to impress your customers from the very first “hello”, we’ve created an info-graphic to highlight 10 ways that will help you leave a great impression.

Read more to find out these handy tips.

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SetUpYourBooth Uses Virtual Phone System to Get Customer Needs

MightyCall had a lot of the criteria which I wanted for my business; the right price, right service, right scale and scalability, and more importantly it was a service that we could get started with quickly and easily.

- Adam Scanlon, Founder, Setupmybooth.com


SetUpYourBooth.com specializes on helping companies set up their booths at trade shows in a cost effective way. Early on, founder Adam Scanlon recognized that the company needed an easy way for customers to contact his business so that he could always be there for deep customer conversations.Continue Reading Article >

How To Grow Your Side Business (Faster)

Let me ask you question…

Would you rather have a full-time job that “helps” you grow your business?  Or…

Would you rather have a full-time job that makes it “harder” for you to grow your business?

Sorry, for the stupid question… but I had to ask because…

Most people have full-time jobs that are KILLING the growth of their side businesses…

(and they don’t even know it)

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Would you cheat on your boss with a side business?

Would you cheat on your boss?

We recently completed a survey of 267 respondents, where the main question was “would you cheat on your boss.” We found some pretty interesting stuff – you can get the quick glance with the info-graphic.

For starters, we were intrigued by the respondent who said her side gig in the evenings was running an exotic dance service.  We were a little bummed out that she chose to remain anonymous.

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Seattle Sandwich Chain Picks MightyCall Virtual Phone System

 “We sell to a well-educated, affluent demographic and to businesses located downtown, so it is important for us to project a professional, business-like image. MightyCall delivers cost savings and … we can take orders seamlessly, put in professional voice greetings and access the messages left by our customers quickly.”

- Brad Gillis, Co-Founder, Homegrown Sustainable Sandwich Shop


Homegrown Sustainable Sandwich Shop is known throughout the greater Seattle area for its locally sourced, all-natural, organic and wholesomely prepared sandwiches, salads, and soups that are as fresh as they are healthy.

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Top 10 Customer Service Tips: How to Be at Your Best On a Call


Customer Service Tips

A Comcast customer retention service rep recently showed the world how not to talk to customers on the phone. The recorded conversation between the Comcast customer and service rep went viral partly because so many people have had miserable customer service calls. And as we all know, misery loves company.Continue Reading Article >

Top 4 Reasons Why Customer Support Calls Still Rule

Customer Support

In this era of instant communications, it’s so easy to jet off an email or text message or post updates to social media. And so, when the phone rings, it can seem like an unwanted interruption. In fact, some researchers believe telephone calls will be reduced to just 5 percent of all business communications by 2015.

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How To Run A Side Business (When You’re Tired)

Have you ever imagined what the last day of your full-time job will feel like?

You know, that day when you finally quit, because your side business is bringing in a full-time income.

That day you walk out of your boss’s office, with two middle fingers up in the air, and a giant smirk stretched across your face.


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What Old(er) People Need to Know on Selling to Gen Y [infographic]

It’s official! The Generation that grew up with Disney movies, Barney, and Hocus Pocus every Halloween has finally grown up and are now the generation that is entering the job market. Acclaimed to be the biggest generation after baby boomers, Millennials aren’t force to be reckon with when it comes to their spending dollars and the ability to cause major chaos to a brand.

Aside from their willingness to spend as youngsters in general, they have extreme high standards when it comes to customer service. They’ve been raised on the internet and are huge when it comes to embracing smartphone technology.

Technology in general has highly raised the stakes when it comes to customer service as it’s generally fast, personalized, transparent and has a good level of control from the customer (1). Aspects of customer service that are no longer optional for business, it’s a must!

This generation isn’t “wowed” by technology (1) and everything that was amazing and innovative ten years ago is now part of the typical life of a millennial. If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then a smartphone is the vowed down married spouse of a millennial. Generally it’s their life from shopping, music, coupons, navigation, and, let’s not forget, socialization.

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