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How MightyCall Helps Global Logistics Company with Daily Operations

Apex Logistics International
business case

Apex Logistics, a prominent player in the logistics and freight forwarding industry, has a significant global presence, including in Canada and the United States. As a supply chain management company, Apex Logistics operates at an international scale, providing both air, ocean, on the road transportation and many other logistics-related services. Their operations demand cost-effective and versatile communication solutions to manage complex logistics stages and maintain strong relationships with vendors and clients worldwide.


We talked to Lydia Wu, the Operations Manager at Apex Logistics, who commented on what part MightyCall plays in Apex Logistics’ communication strategy and how it enables them to meet their operational needs. Let’s look closer at what she has to say.

Why Lydia chose MightyCall

They were looking for a solution that would help them manage calls from their local business number, routing them to their users’ extensions based on the nature of the inquiry. Having researched what the VoIP industry has to offer and compared the available options, Lydia chose to go with MightyCall, and here’s why:

I spent a little time researching all different companies, the functions that companies offers and the price package. MightyCall around that time had very competitive rates, that’s why we started the service with MightyCall and we’re quite happy with the service.

MightyCall’s price range remains competitive throughout the industry and the main reason for that is that MightyCall is designed for SMBs, which means the pricing we offer is aimed at being budget-friendly.

First steps: setting up the account

MightyCall offers versatile ways to help set up your account, including help center, instructional videos, and our friendly support team. While some people find 1-on-1 onboarding sessions very helpful, Lydia said she was able to set it up by herself: 

Compared to other apps, MightyCall is user-friendly, it’s very streamlined. It’s quite easy to set up. You also have a very clear user guide on the website and I’m good at self-learning. 

MightyCall Call Routing

The MightyCall product team has been working hard for these kinds of reviews! This is really something our service is known for – ease of setup and use.

MightyCall’s Impact on daily operations

One number for the whole team

A key function of MightyCall for Apex Logistics is to route calls received on a business number to the appropriate users’ extensions.

We don’t need to import a lot of the individual numbers for different users because we can use one phone number with different extensions that will cover the entire team.

MightyCall Call Center Multi-level IVR

The call transfer feature

Lydia emphasizes how easy it is to transfer calls in the MightyCall webphone and mobile app as this is what they do when Apex Logistics customers call. Any call can be directed to a different person or more so turn into a conference call if multiple workers need to collaborate. 

Customers only need one number, then they ask for the person and the internal team can transfer. That is a very good way for the customer as they don’t have to remember different phone numbers.

Brand image support

Smooth interactions with customers are vital for business success. A consistent, unchanging phone number is invaluable in this regard, as it becomes an identifiable symbol of your company. 

Whenever people think about Apex, they will think about only that number. Only they don’t have to look everywhere for a direct line for the individual person.

Shared call pools

The use of shared minute pools in the MightyCall system ensures that all team members have access to necessary resources without individual restrictions. MightyCall’s customers rarely have to pay extra as all the essential features are included in our plans with generous limits.

And another good thing with money is that we can share the time among all users. I know it’s not unlimited, it’s like 1500, but it’s more than enough.

Flexibility and mobility

Lydia is a tech-savvy person and she loves to leverage technology for her benefit. In this case,  she appreciates having MightyCall’s app installed on her phone, as it enables her and her team to stay connected regardless of their location

MightyCall offers a website platform and another is a cell phone application, which means I don’t have to stick with a computer, I just use it on my phone.

MightyCall Cloud Phone System interface


Apex Logistics’ experience with MightyCall illustrates the potential for technology to improve operations, reduce costs, and improve customer and vendor relationships in the dynamic logistics industry. By leveraging MightyCall’s features, Apex has not only enhanced its operational efficiency but also positioned itself for future growth and expansion. 

MightyCall takes pride in contributing to Apex Supply Chain Management’ success and looks forward to continuing to support their communication needs as they expand.


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