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Using Google Voice For Businesses? Think Again

Let’s get a few things out of the way here. Google does many things well. And Google Voice is pretty darn good for personal use.

But those of you using Google Voice for businesses need to wake up, because you really deserve better. Much better.

We’ve written about this before, and we’ve shared the perspectives of a few MightyCall customers who were Google Voice refugees.

This time, we’re going to let people smarter than us chime in.

Porting your business number to Google Voice? It can be done, but you better know what you are doing

One of our favorite writers, David Gerwitz, who generally likes Google Voice, had this to say about moving a number to the service.

“I’ll tell you honestly I did not enjoy the experience. It was nerve-wracking, frustrating, and I didn’t like the complaints I got from people we talked to over the phone. It also took three full system iterations until it was something we liked reasonably well, and yet there are still some annoyances that need to be resolved.”

David managed to get things to work in the end, and was clear that he was glad to have done it. But our take is that not every body is going to have the skills or patience to do what he did.

And that is where MightyCall is different. We will actually help you do the porting. Our whole deal is making this painless for you.

Google Voice quality can be squeaky and laggy

One of the funniest videos we’ve seen is this YouTube clip of Google Voice turning this very forgiving and loyal Google fan’s voicemail message into hamster squeak-speak. This has to be seen to be believed.

And then there’s the phone lag of almost a second, as discussed by this post by Kevin Purdy titled “Goodbye, Google Voice: I’m breaking up with you”.

MightyCall delivers solid voice quality with no lag. Our technology comes straight from the telecoms industry, and this is what we do for more than 15,000 small business owners every day.

Dude, where’s my update?

You know Google Voice is not a priority for Google when there are no updates for the app. Nada.

Ok, we lied. There was one a few months back, which introduced new features like…we’re not sure what. As Ryan Whitwam explains:

“The fact that the app has been updated at all is the most remarkable thing about this. There’s almost nothing new here.”

MightyCall is dead serious about putting the best technologies in your hands. Our engineers are always improving our web and mobile apps, and we have updates every month or so.

From Jan-Aug 2014, we’ve had nine updates to our mobiles apps, with new features being added every release (not just bug fixes).

Google Voice customer support and unicorns

Being a leading technology company full of super smart people, the way Google has chosen to support Google

Voice users is, naturally, with an FAQ page.

If you need help from a living, breathing person, you’re fresh out of luck!

Don’t believe us? Try calling the Google customer support number at 650-623-4000.

Make sure you slip into something comfortable though, because you’re going to be waiting a long time. And by long, we actually mean FOREVER.

Even the Google Voice Twitter feed has gone silent — the last tweet was on ninth July, 2013. And it was about making calls from Google Hangouts, which as we now know, is the focus of Google rather than on Google Voice.

At MightyCall, our customer service team is just an email or phone call away.

Try dialing 1 (888) CLOUD 12 or (888) 256 8312, or email us.

If a Live Chat is your thing, we’ve got it covered as well on any our pages. Just look for the blue “Ask Us A Question” box at the bottom right corner.

And yes, we have how-to videos and articles if you prefer the DIY approach instead.

Google Voice sounds good in theory. It’s not in real life

This LifeHacker post by Eric Ravenscraft says it better than we ever could.

“In principle, Google Voice has it all. In practice, most people I know are confused about what my actual phone number is, many apps that I’d like to try out don’t work with my setup, and sometimes basic things aren’t supported.

“We can’t honestly think that Google Voice is a high priority for Google and that the only (moderately) significant improvement to the service was over two and a half years ago. In fact, the biggest news in the interim was that Google fixed something it broke.”

Switch to MightyCall with ZERO risk

If you are still stuck with Google Voice for your business because it is “free”, it’s time for you to think about how much “free” is really costing you.

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