MightyCall Wins 2 Golds in the 15th Annual IT World Awards

MightyCall has officially won 2 gold medals in the 2020 IT World Awards, a great sign of recognition for all the tremendous work the company has been doing in the VoIP industry.

Specifically, the company took home honors in the New Product/Service of the Year in Telecommunications and the Chief Technology Officer of the Year in Telecommunications categories. For the former, our new Contact Book Plus feature, which we unveiled in November 2019, carried us to victory.

For the CTO award, while the company’s name is attached, that truly goes out to our workhorse CTO (and our team’s helmsman) Oleg Semykin, whose guidance in overseeing the creation of the Contact Book Plus and vigilance in changing the product release schedule from bimonthly to weekly greatly expanded MightyCall’s capabilities.

Despite the hardships brought on by COVID-19, the past year has been quite notable for MightyCall. Much of that advancement is due to the Contact Book Plus, a monumental addition that brings our service from merely being VoIP to a mini-CRM.

Our customer base, who we try to keep an active feedback loop open with at all times, had long suggested CRM-esque changes to the service, and with an increase to the size of our engineering team we were finally able to make that happen. We’re looking forward to carrying out more projects currently in development and our pipeline to make MightyCall’s CRM capabilities even better.

For now, we’d like to thank Oleg, everyone in the company, the judges and representatives from the IT World Awards, and all our customers. We will continue doing our utmost to ensure ourselves as the best company to work at for our staff and the best phone system for small business.

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