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MightyCall vs Phone.Com Review: Which Offers You Better Value?

In this competitive age, choosing the right VoIP provider is more important than ever. Having the right plan for your support team can be ground-breaking and effectively boost your communication infrastructure. Several reputed companies, such as, MightyCall, Line2, etc. offer VoIP services and its benefits to individuals and organizations.

Phone. com overview, in particular, has been providing their services for quite some time. They are a good option for anyone wanting to try VoIP for their business. offers some of the most competitively priced plans on the market, however, the company requires you to use their own physical phones with the services. This not only adds to your overall cost, but also can only be most effective in office-based business, although not something that you can use on-the-go.

To operate their services you need to purchase their phones, which adds quite a noticeable bump to your budget. For each additional number, you need to pay extra and various advanced features, such as call analytics, call recording, etc. are also extra per month.

MightyCall vs Phone. com review

Compared to, MightyCall is more flexible as no hardware installation is required to use the system. It is compatible with any phone or computer and can be used anywhere with any device. The setup is easy and you can view the status of your business from anywhere in the world.

Moreover, MightyCall costs nothing for phones or phone numbers. No additional equipment is required while working with it, and the company offers unlimited extensions and thus users. Additionally, most of the advanced features are already included in the pricing plans.

Of all the value you get from VoIP, MightyCall now gives you more. Our Contact Book PLUS feature makes the system more of a mini-CRM, letting you take notes on each contact and individual interaction as well as keep more detailed contact lists. can’t say anything like that.

Phone. com plans & prices offers plan based on the number of minutes. They are as follows:

  • Limited Minutes Plans

$12.99 – 300 minutes,

$19.99 – 500 minutes,

$39.99 – 1000 minutes.

  • Unlimited Minutes Plans

$29.99 – 1 number, 5000 Texts,

$37.99 – 2 numbers, 10,000 Texts,

$59.99 – 3 numbers, 20,000 Texts. review

Source: phone com website

Interestingly,’s unlimited minutes are not actually unlimited minutes. As their terms of service state: “you only have unlimited minutes on calls made from an IP or softphone – i.e. not your cell phone.

Moreover, charges you extra for all the following things:

  • Physical phones – $4.99/month
  • Additional phone numbers – $4.99/month
  • Call analytics – $3.99/month

Add these necessities onto any plan ranging from $23 to $27, and your bill will shoot past $40. A single glance at the numbers can determine that MightyCall offers a superior range of features at better value, as compared to’s limited minutes’ plans.

MightyCall plans & prices

And what does MightyCall offer?

  • Basic Plan

$19.99 – 2 numbers, unlimited users, 1000 minutes and unlimited texts

  • Standard Plan

$39.99 – 5 numbers, unlimited users, unlimited minutes and texts vs mightycall

As far as the unlimited minutes plans are concerned, both offer a great amount of value to their customers. But dig a little deeper into’s plans, and you will find that you can only use those unlimited minutes with an IP or softphones, and there is no support for cell phones.

This will eventually result in you paying more monthly. Moreover, any calls not falling into the two categories mentioned above (IP or softphones), will be charged per minute. All these important minor details can be found buried in the terms of service, and will surely cost you more than a fistful of quarters.

Comparing the two most popular plans:

  • – Charges $22.99 for 1 number, 5000 messages, and “unlimited” minutes
  • MightyCall – Charges $39.99 for 5 numbers, unlimited users, unlimited messaging and unlimited minutes


MightyCall logo


Price per month $ 39.99* $ 22.99**
Hardware No $4.99/mo per device
Local or Toll-free numbers 5 1
Multiple extensions Unlimited Unlimited
Minutes Included Unlimited Unlimited
Texting Unlimited 5 000
Call forwarding Yes Yes
Call recording Yes from $4.95/mo
Conference calling Yes Yes
Call Queue Yes Yes
Business contact book Yes  No
Mini-CRM functionality Yes  No
Availability status Yes  No
Voicemail Yes Yes
Voicemail transcription Yes from $1.50/mo
Call recording Yes Yes
Transcribed voicemails Yes $10
Call analytics Yes $3.99/mo
Webphone for In/Out Calls Yes No
Website widgets Yes No
International numbers $10 extra from $4.99/mo
*Standard plan **Base plan

Both popular plans consist of all the necessary and basic functions of a VoIP system. MightyCall also offers some modern functions, including website widgets (call-back, contact us, click-to-call) and social media integration, all appropriately placed in an “Activity Queue” making everything easier to access and manage.It is easy to see that offers you an advantage in the number of minutes over MightyCall, but as far as the most basic plan users are concerned, 1000 minutes are more than sufficient to spend in a month. Unless you are making calls to your customers non-stop, as a small business, unlimited minutes won’t be necessary and will simply end up getting wasted. review

Source: Capterra

If you are looking for advanced features, MightyCall offers a $49.99 plan with all the necessary tools and unlimited minutes as well as advanced features such as analytics, voicemail transcription, softphone & deskphone support and call recording. The plan is more expensive than all of’s unlimited plans, but practically speaking, still offers better value.

MightyCall’s plan has all the features inside it and once you buy the plan, you need not pay for anything else. On the other hand, makes you pay an additional monthly charge for each additional advanced feature.

With physical phones themselves costing $4.99/month and additional phone numbers costing $4.99/month, your overall monthly cost rises quickly. Additional features, such as call recording requires you to pay $4.95/month per 300 minutes, voicemail transcription costs $1.50/extension per month, and call analytics cost $3.99/month. Combining all this means you will likely spend at or more than the $50 that MightyCall’s Standard plan costs.

Worse, becomes more expensive as the number of users increases. As far as the services are concerned, both offer quality services true to their name. It’s a matter of what you want—will you find services with a cap on them effective, or are you more concerned about talk minutes? doesn’t offer a free trial and MightyCall only offers a 7-day free trial, but both have a 30-day money back guarantee. Either way, you can comfortably choose one and try their services before settling on one.

Comparing Phone. com’s & MightyCall’s features:

  • Interface

The interface is the first thing you will notice after opening the services. A good and intuitive interface will make your dealings with the overall software much smoother and efficient.

  •’s interface includes an old-style drop down menu, where you need to hover over the list to see most of the options. That’s not great as far as usage is concerned.
  • On the other hand, MightyCall offers a more intuitive and seamless interface, with visible, graphic-oriented, and clean-placement of options and icons. review

Winner: MightyCall

  • Free Trials

Free trials allow you to see a glimpse of the features of the original software. They are a good preview option for your customers, and help them decide on the better service. MightyCall recently instituted a 7-day trial, while does not have one.

Both have a 30-day money back guarantee, for which you will have to pay first and then decide upon whether it suits your usage or not.

Winner: MightyCall

  • CRM-functionality

Going beyond VoIP can bring inherent value to any small business owner. MightyCall now has the Contact Book PLUS, which brings the system’s capabilities into line with a mini-CRM. Through extensive note-keeping right on your contact lists and pages, you can do even more for your business organization.

mightycall crm for small business

Winner: MightyCall

  • Value For Money

It is essential to see whether you are receiving the right value for the money if you are investing in a service. Both companies’ plans are priced competitively according to the services they provide. In contrast to, MightyCall have made their plans much simpler and easier to redeem than Their plans already include all the features, meaning there is no need to pay any extra costs for anything. Once you have the plan, you practically have unlimited usage of everything you were promised. offers you limited and unlimited minutes plan, but most necessary features are charged as mentioned above. You also need to purchase their physical phones to access their services, which again, adds onto the overall cost.

Winner: MightyCall

  • Messages

Messages are an effective medium of communication. Why? Most people tend to read their messages within 2 minutes of delivery. So, if you are running a promotion, a discount or even an event, either you can call all your customers and tell them about it, or you can send them a quick message that they will likely read within 2 minutes. That delivers the message while efficiently saving the time required to call each customer.

  • Hardware Installation

Hardware not only adds onto your overall investment, but also bounds you and your staff to a specific place. For hardware installation, you need a specific place where you have to be to receive the calls. The on-the-go element is removed completely. requires a physical phone to be installed in order for it to work, and a list of physical phones can be found on its website. They only support their own phones, so you will have to purchase one if you wish to have their services.

In contrast, MightyCall requires no hardware to work. The software can be fired up from anywhere, and your business is accessible from every part of the world, even if you are not in your office. review

Winner: MightyCall

MightyCall can deliver you things that does, but better. However, your selection comes down to your own preferences, requirements and budget, but heed the information you just read.

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$ 19.99/mo


$ 39.99/mo


$ 99.99/mo


$ 9.99/mo

$ 19.99/mo

Tax Included

10 Clients in the Contact Book

Unlimited Users

2 Toll Free or Local Numbers

1 0001 000 Minutes


$ 19.99/mo

$ 39.99/mo

Tax Included

Unlimited Clients in the Contact Book

Unlimited Users

Call Recording

Voice to Text

Presence Indicator

Deskphones & Softphones

5 Toll Free or Local Numbers

5000Unlimited Minutes


$ 49.99/mo

$ 99.99/mo

Tax Included

Unlimited Clients in the Contact Book

Unlimited Users

Call Recording

Voice to Text

Presence Indicator

Deskphones & Softphones


10 Toll Free or Local Numbers

15000Unlimited Minutes

Voice Studio Recording included

All plans include

Unlimited Extensions

Text Messaging

Call Routing


Activity Queue

Available \ DND Status

Business Hours


Conference Calls

Call Queues

Voicemail to Email

Call Transfer

Caller ID & CNAME

Vanity Number

Custom Greetings

Performance Reports

Social Media Integration

VIP & Black Lists

Click-to-call Widget

Call-back Widget

Contact Us Page

30 day money back guarantee
No long term contracts
You can change your plan anytime