MightyCall or Line2

MightyCall or Line 2?

AlternativesLine 2 vs MightyCall

Line2 is a good, handy virtual phone number for freelancers and entrepreneurs running solo or duo operations. Beyond working for minute companies however, the system doesn’t compare to fully-integrated virtual phone systems like MightyCall. Line2 has its niche and it does its best with it, but it’s outmatched when dealing with most small businesses.

What Line2 Offers

The system’s size limitations are noticeable even when you pay attention to their pricing plans. Despite the split between the Personal and Business solution, most of the few features the company has aren’t available on the Personal plan, so if you want a number for business reasons, you’re immediately down to only 1 option.

That option is $14.95 for monthly payments. You’ll notice this is a long-term contract, something that not only MightyCall, but most of the VOIP industry, has backed away from recently. Line2 offers both a free 7-day trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee (a guarantee we offer as well), but 7 days isn’t enough to truly understand any system’s capabilities, and if anything goes wrong after the first month you could be out of money and stuck with a system you don’t like.

The Business solution only provides customers with 1 phone number and 1 user extension, and if you want more, each number and each extension will cost you an additional $14.95. Even with 5,000 talk minutes and unlimited text messaging, if you need even a couple extra numbers for your team/employees then you’re going to end up paying more than MightyCall’s Standard plan, which is $49.99 (before discounts) and matches the 5,000 talk minutes and unlimited texting while providing 5 numbers, unlimited extensions, and a host of features Line2 doesn’t have.

Line2 Lacks

You can imagine that a virtual phone system best fit for solo freelancers and entrepreneurs doesn’t do the best job of handling a large call flow. Line2 is what it is, and there aren’t enough features or the appropriate built-in capabilities to make things very customizable. Sure, you have custom greetings and after hours call handling, but here are the vital elements that Line2 lacks:



Price per month $ 49.99* $ 14.95**
Minutes Included 5 000 5 000
Texting Unlimited Yes
Lond-term contract No Yes
User extensions Unlimited $ 14.95/user
Local or Toll-free numbers 5 1
Vanity search Yes, for free $45
Existing number transfer Yes, for free $20
Business hours Yes Yes
Call forwarding Yes Yes
Call Queue Yes No
Call recording Yes No
Conference calling Yes, for free $ 14.95/line
Music on hold Yes No
Voicemail to Text Yes No
Click-to-Call Widget Yes No
Contact Us Widget Yes No
Call Back Widget Yes No
Social Media tracking Yes No
International numbers $10 extra No
*Standard plan **Business plan


Without all of the key features above, Line2 is best at helping to manage your individual business affairs—not your business team’s affairs. The system clearly suits freelancers and individuals better than small business owners, no matter what name they stick on the plan.

If you happen to be a freelancer or solo entrepreneur, then investigating the differences between MightyCall and Line2 is worth your time, but if your business is 2 or more people, the functionality and flexibility of MightyCall’s system will help you so much more than Line2.

Line2 is only one in a sea of virtual phone systems, but MightyCall has a vast and unique array of features that add up to more than the sum of its parts to give entrepreneurs and business owners a single communication and management platform.

If you’re looking to make the switch to MightyCall and you wish to keep your number, we’ll port your current virtual number in for free.

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5 000 minutes
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15 000 minutes
10 Toll Free or Local Numbers

Call recording

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Softphones & Hardphones

All plans include

  • Unlimited Extensions

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    Customizable call routing


  • Webphone

    Conference calls

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  • Custom greetings

    Performance Reports

    Facebook & Twitter Integration

    Web Widgets

  • 30 day money back guarantee

  • No Long Term Contracts

  • You can change your plan anytime

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