3 ways how to cut costs with a virtual phone system

Virtual phone systems help free lawyers and small law firms from needing office space. Besides the freedom this grants, it also means huge savings.

Knowing how to make the most out of working from home is only half the battle though—you need to keep costs down to stay in the black.

MightyCall has the perfect balance to help you do both.

1. The Best Assistant Around

Our virtual phone system can cut your costs by replacing tasks done by people with tasks done automatically by the system.

  • Call recording
  • Voice-to-text
  • Auto attendant

Even if you were doing certain tasks yourself, with MightyCall those things will be taken care of, giving you more time to focus on other elements of your work. Secretaries and assistants aren’t must-haves anyone, saving you a massive amount of money and time keeping track of another employee.

The auto-attendant fulfills greeting and call routing duties quickly and easily, and it never needs a lunch break.

Features like call recording and voice-to-text make record-keeping easier than ever, meaning you need less manpower to get that done.

2. On-the-Go Power

Better yet, you can access all of these things on the go. With our mobile app you’ll have the power of MightyCall with you no matter where you meet your clients, another factor that decreases your reliance on assistants.

MightyCall’s mobile version

3. Incredible Value

MightyCall also has a cutting-edge webphone to help make your work easier and cheaper. With the webphone, you can make and receive calls straight from your desktop. This makes working from your house or office extremely efficient while saving you money. How’s that? Well, calls through the webphone only use a wifi connection, so you won’t spend minutes on your cell provider plan.


MightyCall’s webphone


Pick the right plan for your business

Get a 50% discount on MightyCall for your first month.

If you already have a virtual phone number, we can port it in for free so you can keep using it.


1000 minutes
2 Toll Free or Local Numbers


5000 minutes
5 Toll Free or Local Numbers

Call Recording

Voice to Text


15000 minutes
10 Toll Free or Local Numbers

Call Recording

Voice to Text


Softphones & Hardphones

All plans include

  • Unlimited Extensions

    Unlimited Text Messaging

    Customizable Call Routing


  • Webphone

    Conference Calls

    Call Queues

    Voicemail to Email

  • Custom Greetings

    Performance Reports

    Facebook & Twitter Integration

    Web Widgets

  • 30 day money back guarantee

  • No long term contracts

  • You can change your plan anytime