Dental Clinics: how to get and keep as many patients as possible with MightyCall virtual phone system

The dental industry is normally slower to change than other industries, but is currently experiencing a notable transformation as many dentists begin to retire and as technology’s role expands. This is combined with a general increase in customers over the past several years, which the industry has responded to by growing the size of clinics.

As solo practitioners decline and practices gradually grow bigger and bigger, managing the inflow of clients becomes vital for big clinics to work efficiently and for small clinics to keep their customer base happy.

If you’re confident in the dental services you provide, then it’ll come down to the finer details—some things on the margins of your clinic, that guarantee you get and keep as many patients as possible. That’s where MightyCall comes in.

MightyCall is a feature-rich virtual phone system that will help your dental clinic immensely. Virtual phone systems use cloud technology—increasingly present in clinics—to give you great phone coverage without the hassles of the phone companies.

There is no hardware and no setup required. You can use your virtual phone number from any device—a phone, tablet, or computer—to manage your clinic as efficiently and conveniently as possible.

Here are some of the great features we provide to help accomplish that:

  • Unlimited extensions

It doesn’t matter how many dentists and dental assistants work at your clinic, you can add an extension for each one so they’re connected to your team.

  • Unlimited text messaging

Unlimited text messaging is always handy, and if your clinic is quite large or spread across different floors or buildings, this keeps communication easy. You’re also free to notify patients about delays, updates, and other important information.

  • An Auto Receptionist

With an Auto Receptionist, incoming calls will be properly sorted and directed according to the rules you set for the system. You decide exactly what the auto attendant tells callers as well, so it’s a good tool for sharing useful information like schedules. You can also set business and non-business hours, so in case someone calls late at night, the Auto Receptionist can still provide them with important information.

  • Custom Greetings

It’s key for clinics to look and sound professional, so we have custom greetings to help you out. You can record an infinite amount of greetings to fit different callers and different times, and if you’re looking for a special touch, we even have a professional voice studio so you’ll make the best first impression possible.

  • Call recording and Voice-to-Text emails

The amount of paperwork most clinics go through is massive, so record keeping is an everyday part of the job. Both of these features are plenty powerful and useful on their own, but together they will help your record keeping stay simple and neat.

  • Call Queues

If you work in a busy clinic, whether with a constant callflow or a lot of foot traffic, call queues will hold calls (with holding music) until your staff is ready to answer them so you lose fewer calls.

  • Social Media Integration & Web widgets

Dentists have noted that customers these days are much more prepared and active in searching for the right clinic to go to; with more educated patients, you need to stay connected with them in as many ways as you can. That’s why we provide social media integration, notifying you of comments and activity and letting you respond directly to them on Facebook and Twitter.If you have an active website—another important part of looking professional in the modern world—our web widgets can help synchronize your traffic as well. With ‘Contact Us‘ and ‘Click-to-Call‘ widgets, visitors will get all the info they need about your clinic cleanly and easily, and can even call you straight from the site itself to save time.

If you’re ready to join the movement and migrate to the cloud, there’s no better choice than MightyCall.


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