Area Codes Matter: How California Phone Numbers Can Work For Your Local Business

As your business expands outside your local area, you don’t have to lose that “local business” feel. MightyCall can offer you a 1-800 number to help your customers save money on those long-distance calls, but we can also offer you local numbers, so clients will never have to know that you’re not just “down the road”. Find out how in our blog.

It’s always good when your business is doing great and you feel ready and capable to expand to neighboring cities, and even states. But unless you have a physical office in that new location, a new challenge is soon to arise — you need a proper phone number your new customers could do without being charged for long distance calls. You can purchase a 1-800 number, which will clearly show that you’re dedicated to providing free customer service, but you may also want to consider getting a local number. Here’s why.

Go local

The last year ComScore study reveals a growing trend — nearly half (40%) of respondents say that they shop locally to support the community or small businesses. This is especially true for small towns. Events like “Small Business Saturday” in Saratoga or “Shop Local” community expo in Whitter, are dedicated to supporting local communities. The small local business enterprise program in San Diego, Walnut Grove’s WGBA and many other associations across the US contribute to the popularization of the “going local” trend.

Obtaining a phone number with a local area code is essential if the nature of your business enquires that you seem closer to your customers than you really are. If you want your customers think that you are in the city of Saratoga, you can obtain a phone number with Saratoga area code 408 — no one will ever guess that you’re actually located in San Jose.

Across cities

Sometimes not just your customers, but different departments of your business may reside in different cities, and even countries. But your customers don’t have to know that your sales reps call them from Massachusetts, and for technical support they actually dial Texas. Just like 1-800s, local numbers allow you to have what’s called Intellectual Call Routing feature. If your employees often make outbound calls, local numbers are always preferable: people are much more likely to pick up the phone if a number with a local area code is displayed. Your customers in San Diego will receive a phone call with area code 619 without even knowing they are actually talking with Yuba City because that area code, 530, is nowhere to be seen. If you’ve grown out of the national scale, offering a phone number with a local area code in the country you serve is a must.

Time zone challenge

If you’re headquartered in Los Angeles, California, and buy 310, 562 and 661 area codes because you want to provide your services to the residents of Torrance, Whittier and Wasco, you don’t have to worry about the time zone. But if you are going for cities in different states and you need area code 707 for Yountville and 401 for Warwick, Connecticut, you got something more to worry about apart from the foreign qualification acquisition process.

If a person in Rancho, Santa Fe, dials a number with area code 858 within the normal working hours, the last thing they expect to hear is the pre-recorded message saying that your working day is over. With a cloud-based Business phone number, you can set working and non-working business hours for just one person or a whole department. For example, you can direct all calls coming from area code 916 to a certain employee, who will have different working hours than the rest of your team. During non-business hours all the calls can be directed straight to voicemail.

With a local number no longer tied to your physical location, you don’t need to be local to appear so to your customers. What’s more, there are some beneficial features local phone number holders can enjoy. For example, they can use the text messaging feature, making their business even closer to prospects.

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