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Dialpad is another VoIP option on the ever-expanding market. Started and now run by a few employees behind Google Voice, the crew decided to see if they could make their own company outside of the giant’s shadow. Things have been slow going as of yet for Dialpad, as the company is still trying to get traction (as so many VoIP companies are).

MightyCall vs Dialpad

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Price per month $ 39.99 per team $ 30 per user
(3 users minimum)
Minutes Included Unlimited Unlimited
Texts Included Yes Yes
Local or Toll-free numbers 5 Yes
User extensions Unlimited $30/user
Contact book Yes No
Mini-CRM functionality Yes No
Business hours Yes Yes
Call forwarding Yes Yes
Auto attendant Yes Yes
IVR Yes Yes
Blacklists Yes Yes
Call recording Yes Yes
Conference calling Yes Yes
Music on hold Yes Yes
Voicemail to Text Yes Yes
Desk phones support Yes Yes
Webphone Yes Yes
Mobile App (iOS, Android) Yes Yes
CRM-integrations No Yes
Fax No Add-on
Standard plan Pro plan

Dialpad Review

Currently, the company has taken the user-by-user approach to business phone systems, charging for every person who uses the system. That makes it more expensive immediately, and rather muddies the clarity of who exactly Dialpad is marketing to.

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Their Enterprise plan, aimed at call centers and mega businesses, requires at least 100 users; more in line with small business owners, they have two options: Standard and Pro. Both have the treachery of long-term contracts attached to them, another unforgiving stab at customers who simply are looking for a reliable and affordable system to help run their businesses. Standard runs you $15 a month per user on an annual contract, and Pro, which requires a minimum of 3 users, runs at $25 per user on an annual contract, so at least $75 a month for a small business.

For the features, Dialpad has a stark difference between their Standard and Pro offerings.

First, the system seems to be situated as a single tool you should be using with various integrations, but the Standard option only has Google and Office 365 integrations, making it quite feeble as a part of a bigger business picture. Secondly, Dialpad lacks several key VoIP telephony features. It doesn’t have business hours or in-depth call routing rules. That means more manual work for you, and since they don’t have call queues or a call park either, your business phone lines could get strained rather quickly.

The only major positive of Dialpad’s Standard plan is its unlimited talk minutes and texting. Admittedly, MightyCall’s $20 Basic plan only provides 1000 minutes, but everything else we offer alongside the minutes makes the system run much smoother. Our company has gone in the opposite direction of Dialpad; we haven’t designed our phone system to be a replaceable piece of a larger toolbox, but an all-encompassing tool thanks to our Contact Book Plus feature, which transforms MightyCall into a CRM-lite.


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However, these differences in work philosophy and offerings become much more noticeable when comparing the Pro plan to our Standard Plan, which costs $40 a month. On our Standard plan, all the limits imposed on the Basic plan have been done away with—you get unlimited talk minutes, unlimited Contact Book Plus usage, unlimited users and extensions, and more powerful features like call recording and voicemail transcription. Dialpad’s Pro plan gives you the majority of possible integrations, but still lacks call system features that simply don’t exist in the company’s VoIP infrastructure. Don’t be fooled by a purposefully redundant list of features included—it may look long, but the meat behind it is clearly lacking if you inspect the full list of available features.

Verdict. Why MightyCall is the best alternative to Dialpad

With that, the choice is clear for any small business. You can either pay $480 a year with MightyCall, free to leave whenever you want if you become unsatisfied, or get locked into paying at least $900 a year for Dialpad. When the cheaper company offers more flexibility and features, there’s no reason to pay double, no matter what integrations you want.

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