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seattle area code - 206

Seattle Phone Numbers

Seattle Phone Numbers
What are the Seattle area codes? The Seattle area code is 206.
Seattle area code is 206.

With MightyCall you can have a local Seattle phone number and a toll-free number!
Try searching our vanity numbers for branding purposes.
How can I get a virtual Seattle area code phone number?
To get a virtual Seattle phone number, just find a reputable VoIP company, like MightyCall. Pick a plan, and start calling!
Can I transfer my Seattle phone number to MightyCall?
Sure, you can!
You can port your number to MightyCall for free.
Please make sure that your local numbers are eligible for transfer before proceeding.
Can I text from a virtual phone number?
Yes, you can!
MightyCall has unlimited texts included in every plan!
Are the virtual phone numbers tied to one phone?
Nope! If your Seattle area code number is a virtual one, it'll work with any number of devices, from deskphones (those black-corded wired office phones) and cellphones to even computers!
Will people be able to tell I'm not in Seattle, even if my number is Seattle's. area code?
No, as long as you use Caller ID, only your business name/number show up, no matter where you call from.
Seattle virtual phone number from MightyCall
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Seattle Phone Numbers
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