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Presence Indicator: Available/ DND statuses

MightyCall takes all the tiny details into account, so we let each member using your phone system set their availability status for receiving incoming calls. The options are:

  • Available (ready)
  • DND (Do Not Disturb)
  • Busy
  • No answer

On all our plans including the Basic plan, you can set your personal user status with the click of a button and the system will recognize your choice and respond accordingly.

If you’re a Standard or Ultimate plan user, you’ll be able to see and change not only your own status but the status of all the people on your team. This may be done in your MightyCall profile, mobile app, or on your web phone.

How does MightyCall do this?

If you have set the DND status, the calling client hears a customized special greeting. If you are the only extension set in your call forwarding rules, the client is forwarded to your voicemail. If you’re in a chain, then setting your status to DND will result in you being skipped over when calls come in—so they will go straight to other available extensions.

MightyCall’s phone system operates the same way in case of no answer and busy statuses, except that in the ‘busy’ case you can also choose the option to put calls on hold.

Of course, you can set your call handling rules for the different statuses in your MightyCall account.


dnd status

What are the advantages for my team?

In addition to setting their own statuses, Standard and Ultimate plan users can now see the availability of all the people on their team. This lets managers and administrators monitor the availability of different colleagues and set up appropriate call forwarding based on changing circumstances throughout the workday.

Those users who are granted Administrator roles may also change the availability status of users within their team.

How does this tiny feature help?

Instead of callers potentially having to wait around for someone specific, the Presence Indicator is a smart way of adjusting call forwarding to specific situations.

If you’re wrapped up in a call, on vacation, or just need to focus on getting work done, the Available/DND Status can save you and your customers the headache of hearing the phone ring ad nauseam.

The added options available on Standard and Ultimate plans are designed for business owners who’re after utmost flexibility. For example, if a colleague is unexpectedly out of the office, your clients won’t feel a thing: simply switch that person’s availability status to automatically redirect calls to another employee. You may also monitor your team’s business communication in real time, wherever you are.

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