Available/DND statuses

Are you ready to receive calls?

Set DND/available status to inform clients, teammates and business phone system.

DND status

User statuses

The readiness of an employee to receive a call also affects the call flow.
You can have several statuses of readiness for a call receipt:

  • Available (ready)
  • DND (Do Not Disturb)
  • Busy
  • No answer.

Busy and No answer statuses are detected by the MightyCall virtual phone system during a call.

Can’t take a call? Set DND status!

DND (Do Not Disturb) status is set manually prior to the call in your MightyCall account and can be easily changed to available status with a single mouse click.

How does MightyCall virtual phone system handle the DND status

If you have set the DND status, the calling client hears a customized special greeting. Upon that, the client is either forwarded to voicemail or becomes disconnected.

MightyCall phone system operates the same way in case of no answer and busy statuses, except that in the ‘busy’ case you can also choose the option to put calls on hold.

You can set the rules of call handling for the different statuses in your MightyCall account.

Why do you need DND status?

You can set the DND status if you can’t take a call due to:

  • Out of Office;
  • Executing a task that requires concentration. For example, post-call processing.

DND also improves the customer experience.

Indeed, the MightyCall virtual phone system knows in advance that you are not ready to take the call. So auto-attendant immediately greets the caller and invites him/her to leave a voicemail; the caller isn’t forced to listen to long beeps for half a minute.

If the call is distributed among teammates, it immediately goes to the next team member without trying to call the user with DND status.

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Can't take a call? Set DND status!

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