After hours call routing

Keep the customer experience going after closing time.

MightyCall allows you to handle calls differently during business and non-business hours. You can set up specific rules for different times of the day, as well as weekends and holidays.

For example, during working hours, the MightyCall virtual phone system forwards incoming calls to the office. After hours, calls go directly to the home number.

You can also handle calls differently during business/non-business hours for different customer groups:

Why is after-hours calling helpful to me?

The main purpose of after-hours routing is to handle calls differently for business and non-business hours.

After hours call routing

Numerous service providers use their after-hours service simply as an ability to schedule when to stop phones from ringing.

MightyCall understands the feature’s value, and our implementation is a full-featured ‘business hours’ routing. This means that you can set different routing plans for business and non-business hours, including:

After hours call routing

Business values of after-hours call routing

Time-based routing is one of the most valuable features for a successful customer service.

After-hours call forwarding allows your business to give better customer service and to reduce the resources involved in call handling.

After hours, your company can also:

  • Inform calling customers about working hours;
  • Receive customer requests via voicemail;
  • Forward a call to a special on-duty team if a customer needs urgent support.

If you run a larger business with branches in different time zones, this feature helps organize customer service in those time zones. So, if a customer on the East Coast calls during non-business hours and the staff has already left the office, the call can be forwarded to your West Coast office that is still open.

Use cases

Bob runs a small business with sales and support teams.
During business hours, all incoming calls are routed to the sales or support team depending on the caller’s IVR (auto-attendant) choice.
After hours, if a customer needs the sales team, he hears a greeting with information about working hours and the suggestion to leave a voicemail. But if the caller needs tech support, their call is routed to the on-duty engineer working remotely from home.

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