Business hours call routing

Keep the customer experience going strong after closing time.

MightyCall allows you to set up different call handling rules for business and non-business hours. You can create specific rules for different times of the day, as well as for weekends and holidays.

business hours call routing

The Basics

One common use of this business/non-business hour split is to have MightyCall forward incoming calls to the office during working hours, and send calls to a home number or voicemail after hours.

MightyCall also has a few “special” grouping options, our Black List (to block calls) and VIP List (to fully enable access to these callers) features, which work concurrently with after hours call routing.

This ensures that useless calls won’t ring any of your business numbers at all and that the most important customers will be able to reach you even if the “regular” customer is sent to voicemail after hours.

While business hours are currently a company-wide setting—meaning they are consistent and the same for all your employees—different business numbers can have different business hours rules. This is entirely feasible with MightyCall, since you get multiple phone numbers with every plan we offer.

For example, your sales number can have a strict business hour split, sending any call after hours straight to voicemail, which can have a greeting telling customers business hours or something else that’s important.

Meanwhile, your support number can have different rules, staying open and available for calls throughout the night in case your customers have a problem. If you are the business owner and you assign the support number to another colleague, that means your phone won’t ring at night if you don’t want it to.

How after hours call routing helps

The main purpose of after-hours routing is to handle calls differently for business and non-business hours.

Numerous service providers use their after-hours service simply as an ability to schedule when to stop phones from ringing.

MightyCall understands this feature’s value, so we implement a fully featured ‘business hours’ routing. This means that you can set different routing plans for business and non-business hours, including:

business hours call routing

The business values of after-hours call routing

After-hours call forwarding allows your business to give better customer service while reducing the resources involved in call handling. You can cover your business communications 24/7 without having everyone mobilized and on alert.

That translates to fewer sleepless nights and less interrupted family time, meaning a better work-life balance for you, the entrepreneur. You can have your cake and eat it too, knowing your phones are covered (and cheaply, too, as it only takes 1 person manning them instead of multiple now).

After hours, your company can also relay invaluable info through your greeting messages, making it possible to:

  • let customers know your working hours;
  • receive customer requests via voicemail;
  • forward a call to a special on-duty staff member if a customer needs urgent support.

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