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Virtual Phone System for Furniture Factory – User Case

This article includes:

  •  a MightyCall use example by an Indiana-based furniture manufacturer;
  • communicational challenges the B2B SMB company faced;
  • how the call-processing bottlenecks were negated by MightyCall

User case: Indiana furniture factory overhauls its communication

We’ve repeatedly emphasized the need for seamless communication in B2C businesses operating in sales and service. It’s fairly obvious that without unhindered access to your company, there’s no way for end-users to put their orders and generate revenues. But what about B2B?

It’s not that SMB companies can’t operate in the business-to-business sector. While it’s true that they have to be very specialized, and their business processes differ from B2C, ability to provide immediate response is no less important. Conversely, B2B involves a greater degree of responsibility because the consequences of a single missed call may translate into considerable financial losses. Likewise, on the B2B landscape reputation is a much more valuable asset ― putting it at risk with non-reliable call-processing is hardly an adequate business strategy.

In theory, improving communicational capabilities entails growth of revenues through increased efficiency. For the real-world example, let’s discuss how adopting MightyCall business phone system helped a small furniture factory from Indiana to meet communicational challenges and streamline their business processes.

A call missed is an opportunity lost

With the office staff of 11 employees, this B2B furniture factory had two telephone numbers for inbound calls. Although two numbers promised some redundancy, reality proved to be different. More often than not, lines were inaccessible ― offline or busy. In response to their request to tackle these issues, the telecom provider proposed fees unacceptable for an SMB company. At that, the provider’s reaction to various technical emergencies wasn’t as prompt as required. Also, the company suffered from the lack of basic call-processing features and inexistent mobility was ― at best ― annoying.

“Just imagine: our manager is on a sick leave, calls keep coming to his number and we have literally no possibility to redirect them. Such situations ― and there were a few ― cost us clients, time and valuable contracts. We actually endured financial losses when customers failed to get through and amend their current orders. Naturally, we’ve got fed up quite quickly. We seriously began to research available options.”

Setting the goal and testing the options

Their requirements weren’t unusual or excessive. While there was no clear understanding of the desired communicational layout, they wanted to manage calls in a fast and reliable manner. Moreover, it had to be a virtual phone system ― buying additional equipment, hiring staff and enduring considerable expenses was out of the question. Less than a year ago they narrowed their choice to four cloud services that offered a wide range of functions.

The initial testing boiled down to how fast they could configure the call rules ― automated redirection under certain conditions like busy lines, time, the day of the week, CallerID, etc. It appeared that among the four candidates, MightyCall was the most user-friendly. No special qualification or skills were required for initial configuration, deployment, and daily use. What’s more, the virtual system didn’t need regular administration ― another plus for the company’s limited budget.

“We opted for MightyCall and activated their Standard rating plan ― it was enough to connect half of our office staff for test purposes. Also, the rating plan included three virtual numbers (we had two at the moment), and we thought we could really use the extra one.”

MightyCall is at work

Getting started was not a big deal. The transition went smoothly: the company’s regular customers didn’t notice anything but improved accessibility because two of the numbers were ported. As they had an opportunity to connect an extra number ― and they could pick one in any part of the North America― it was decided to take New York local number because they had many NY-based clients. Of course, it was comfortable for those customers to dispense with area codes. As for the furniture manufacturer, they managed to negate the number of missed calls effectively.

“We configured the system in such a way as to allow calls from important partners get through to managers at any time of the day. MightyCall is fully compatible with mobile phones ― we are now accessible around the clock, but only for VIPs. Once again I was surprised how easily you could manage VIP- and blacklists there. We should have done it years ago!”

Exploring the new features

According to the phone system’s statistics, these measures helped to reduce the number of unanswered calls drastically ― to one or two per week, and even less. They continued to explore MightyCall’s features further and activated sending voice messages to e-mail.

“Yeah, some managers like to listen to human voice (especially, when a girl is calling), but it’s much more efficient to read voice messages rather than listen to them. Our manager can be on a trip to somewhere and he is still able to read and react on the messages. Naturally, it’s much faster to read them.”

The rating plan clearly offered more features than the business owner expected. Now he is exploring new opportunities and thinking how to increase the performance by means of them. As for the downside, only one has been identified so far.

“This virtual phone service operates only in the US and Canada. However, we don’t have many customers overseas, for now, so we’ll continue using it. By the way, I heard that MightyCall plans to expand the geography of available services. In our turn, if no flaws are found, we plan to migrate to the next rating plan and to connect the rest of the office. Maybe add virtual inbound numbers in other states.”

To sum up the user experience, the Indiana-based furniture manufacturer has been able to organize its communication environment in a more efficient manner. With automated call redirection based on flexible call rules and easy-to-use VIP lists, the number of missed calls has been reduced almost to zero. Their New York customers got an opportunity to reach the company through the local NY virtual number, which boosted the level of client satisfaction. Another widely used feature is voice-to-text conversion, that lets MightyCall users receive voice messages to e-mail as text ― very useful if there are many messages and little time to listen to them.

A virtual phone system as a vital necessity

In general, MightyCall allows to make interaction more comfortable for operators and customers alike ― easily and affordably. Unlike sophisticated business phone systems, its cloud nature requires no additional equipment installation or maintenance and all the administration boils down to topping up the account from time to time.

Another evident advantage is that you don’t need to be in expert in order to activate new features or change call flow rules on the fly ― MightyCall web interface makes these operations a breeze. What’s more, bring-your-own-device compatibility and excellent mobile support through dedicated Iphone and Android apps ensures around the clock availability regardless of the actual geographical position.

Through years of successful work, MightyCall has been able to pinpoint the most frequent communication bottlenecks that prevent companies from operating at full capacity and provide feasible solutions. The more people works at your company and the more inbound calls you receive every day, the more difficult it becomes to process all of them fast. That’s where a reliable business phone system becomes indispensable, and we are glad to provide our services in this regard.

With a 30-day money back guarantee you will have plenty of time to check every aspect of the system, while absence of long-term contracts means that features can be added or deactivated without delay. Call us now to get guidance on how to make your call-processing layout perfect and to choose the most suitable virtual phone solution.