The Top Jobs for Telecommuting

The 21st century has brought with it new tools and new ways of looking at things from new angles. While a lot of this has manifested itself into futuristic looking cars and increasingly complex cell phones, one of those things being reconsidered by many is the standard idea of an “office”.

And the center of all that is telecommuting. defines telecommuting as “working at home by using a computer terminal electronically linked to one’s place of employment.” Now, though this definition may sound straight out of the 1990s, it captures the essence of telecommuting: the idea that technology has improved to a point where there’s no need for you to trudge all the way to the office.

It isn’t hard to see why telecommuting is growing in popularity. For employees, it means they can work from the comfort of their own homes and don’t need to worry about spending money on gas or waiting in traffic. For employers, they don’t have to worry about refilling the coffee machine every other day or constantly having to physically monitor employees.

I’m in- where can I start?

The good news is that most fields are starting to include telecommuting work. Language tutors, nurses, writers, customer service workers- all are starting to make the switch. Here’s some ways to nail these jobs down:

1. Start in the most obvious place- the listing itself:

Many telecommuting jobs may include phrases like “remote work” or “telecommuting opportunity”. Websites like Monster, Glassdoor, Indeed, and many more have thousands of job listings- many openly saying that they include telecommuting.

2. Look a little deeper:

Even if it’s not listed in big bold font, some companies may talk about having had telecommuting incorporated into their way of life on their websites.

3. Be honest in your interview:

As telecommuting becomes more popular and more and more people adopt it, the idea that it’s a lazy way to not do work is rapidly disappearing. This means that if a potential interviewer asks you about any interest in telecommuting, say yes!

4. Make sure you have the right tools:

Will you require a headset and a home computer with certain functions? Will your new job/potential employer provide you with the necessary equipment, or will you have to purchase them on your own?

Popular Telecommuting Jobs

While again, telecommuting is becoming hugely popular across all fields, there are some particularly notable positions where telecommuting is happening- sometimes in positions you might not have thought, like:

  1. Nursing
  2. Travel Consultant
  3. Language Teachers (or teachers for any subject!)
  4. Product Marketing Consultant
  5. Copywriter
  6. Videogame Tester
  7. Executive Assistant
  8. Social Media Analyst

So hop online and start working on working from home!

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