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Why MightyCall is the Best Phone System for Real Estate

The real estate business is all about communication. Interactions between agent, vendor and buyer are the grease that keeps the machine moving. VoIp services have simplified how business is conducted, providing financial benefits, multiple device usage, protection against hacking/tapping, and additional features such as conference calling. MightyCall’s tailored solutions are ideal for any real estate concern. Find out more about our features, including business numbers (toll-free/vanity), extensions to mobile devices, conference calling, call forwarding, activity queue (including social media monitoring), and quality control via call recording in our latest blog.

The real estate business is one of the most-dependent on interaction. Numerous transactions: buying, selling, lending, renting — require exceptional communications between a client and a contractor, estate agents, sales offices and so on.

Within the past decade, most small businesses have left behind a standard phone system and transferred to VoIP services. The advantages speak for themselves:

  • Financial benefits: The cost of national long-distance, international and different mobile carriers’ calls is notably low.
  • High-quality communication is many times better than any telephone channel.
  • Any device with internet connection can be used.
  • IP connection guarantees protection from wiretapping. The corporate conversations keep its confidentiality.
  • Additional features: voice menu, conference calls, auto dial, etc.

The thing is that VoIP itself doesn’t ensure a lean business, especially when it’s associated with a flow of calls, contacts and requests. Most real estate companies do not have smooth-running processes when it comes to working with a client.

MightyCall customizes a solution for each business. Taking care of communications side of things, we help real estate companies to level up the quality of customer service, to increase customers’ loyalty, to simplify connection processes and reduce the cost of communications. We perceive requirements of both sides, real estate business owners and their clients, and can cover all of them.

A real estate business can work efficiently having these services:

Business number

Multichannel business number includes “Local” (for any area code of US and Canada), “Toll-Free” or “Vanity” plans. The latter offers a customized number featuring business ideas: name, a slogan, or just something catchy. Numbers that burn into minds are part of the marketing strategy. A potential buyer would rather call the number he/she knows by heart or that has caught his/her attention.


The fact is that it takes quite a few cycles and steps to close a deal with a real estate. A client searches the market, doubts and considers alternatives. If every customer has an assigned manager, the whole work process becomes more efficient. The manager keeps all information about his/her clients’ requests and arrangements’ steps. Clients love the personalized attitude. Extension numbers allow you to make a board of assigned managers.

Another option of the extension number is bounding to an advertisement. It can provide you with the statistics that evaluate the profitability of one or another ad.

Conference call

As is the nature of the beast, interactions can sometimes lead to misunderstandings. A sensitive client may demand an immediate response from the senior management; otherwise, he/she quits the deal. The aim of a real estate agent is customer retention, so clear explanation of the issue to management is required. Such cases dictate the need for a conference call. MightyCall Telephony User Interface (TUI) allows you to invite up to 5 people. An instant and well-worked connection can help to reach an understanding.

Call forwarding

What a client wants is a prompt and efficient response to a call. The profit of the real estate business directly hinges on favorable deals. So not a single call should be missed as a client seldom calls back again.

Indeed, most real estate clients make their requests on their weekends and non-working hours. Therefore, MightyCall provides call settings that can comply with the following rules and can be changed anytime:

  • Dependence on working/non-working hours.
  • Connect a call to a single number. For example, forward to an extension of a responsible personal manager.
  • Connect a call to several phone numbers simultaneously. The first operator to pick up takes the call.
  • Connect to a voicemail if all operators are busy.
  • Transfer calls to a queue. They are handled in turn.
  • Call a conference, should the case require.

The solution allows call forwarding to any device or more than one at once.

Activity Queue

The enormous volume of outbound and incoming calls, “Call back” requests and online calls — the real estate business is all about this. The Call Queue feature will never miss a request. It tracks all client communications. A greeting, a media file for “on hold” mode, an invitation to leave a voicemail or call an extension number are the part of the settings for a professional business layout.

But it’s not only about calls. Any messages and notifications from the social media networks, along with emails, are added to the activity dashboard with an assignment to a responsible person. A request operating prompts then issued. So the clients are attended to in due time.

Quality control

The real estate business engages a great number of agents. User-friendly MightyCall apps for Android and iOS allow rapid assignment of new brokers. Given this case, supervision is a necessity. For instance, in order to avoid off-the-books deals.

To maintain a professional manner of business, management can keep an eye on brokers’ proper pattern and parlance. Call Recording feature gives records of all conversations that can be stored forever without limit. The efficiency of the business rises with appropriate control of the team and discipline.

At MightyCall, our aim is to help the client to carry on business smoothly. For real estate, we offer competent and reliable solutions modified to specific expectations.