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Marketing Tips for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a fantastic time to promote your business, build goodwill and your brand. And it doesn’t have to be just one day, or even just for Dad! Our latest blog is packed with marketing tips, promotional ideas and longer-term suggestions. Read more about how to maximize value for your business from this great summer holiday!

Summer is here. And that means one of the warmest family Holidays is coming soon. This year, Father’s Day comes on June 19th (the third Sunday of June).

One of an entrepreneur’s challenges is to reach to customers with holiday offers and attract them to the store or a service site.

Don’t waste time — go ahead to promotional tips aimed to make your clients’ Father’s Day a bit more special!


Above all, customers need to be aware what they can find in a store, which services are offered. Mailing lists, banners and flyers — every type of reminder works in its own way. It’s better to use all of them. Creative messages and slogans draw more attention than plain-texted messages. And holiday-themed promos perform better than others. So it’s worth spending money on a marketing expert to get an effective result. A short survey on what clients would like to see on Father’s Day is a client-oriented approach and speeds up the campaign development.

Don’t forget about social media as the fastest and cheapest promo platform. Proper hashtags reach a younger audience faster than flyers. On Father’s Day 2014 Combatant Gentlemen, a relatively young men’s fashion brand, held an off-the-wall social media campaign. The idea was to post photos of dad’s ugly jeans on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #ByeByeDadJeans. The winner got a pair of new, classy jeans. That promo was a big success and made the brand recognizable.

Special selections

A promo approach that never lets down is separate sections with gifts’ ideas. Stores put on banners and pointers to lead customers to a proper zone. Restaurants and spas make menu offers on the name of the holiday with proposals to relevant tastes. This is more apparent on websites. For example, Gap has prepared a Father’s Day Gift Shop page with men’s clothes, shoes and accessories for different opportunities, tastes and ages.

NB, not all fathers like barbecues and fishing. The choice of gift type should be cater for varied interests. Someone is looking for a present for a grandfather; another has a sporty dad, and someone else’s dad is a bit nerdy. Even a narrow choice has to be rich. Like in Amazon’s Father’s Day Gifts and Deals shop, where one can find anything: from a toolkit to a magazine’s subscription.

Sale along the way

Why stop only at a Father’s Day sale? Any sale is a good promo of a new product or service. The discount price is a real excuse to try something new and not to regret about money spent. It’s also a great way to clear old (or ageing) stock.

Customers come for gifts, but also see if they can get anything else for a bargain price.

Inviting events

It’s summer, and this makes it much easier to host a Father’s Day event. If there is no space inside the place, or you don’t own a physical store at all — go outside. This is when imagination can run riot.

  • Contests are a definitely heavy favorite. They lift a mood, boost adrenaline, and make noise while attracting passersby.

    Smartphone photos are a great part of our life. They can form the basis of a contest. For example, upload dad’s goofy face to social media, post a hashtag of the event, and check-in and follow the vote. If you can start a contest prior, ask for a sleeping-dad photo. This theme always has many fans.

    Don’t leave out the heroes of the day. Dads might like to play darts or test their strength in fun sack fight. Their loved ones would be jolly cheerleaders.

    The winner gets a prize, but all participants get event binders. Souvenirs can be either Father’s Day-tailored or just items with a trademark. Everyone benefits: a customer with a gift and an entrepreneur with a promo offer done.

  • «Music makes people come together.» An invited live band or solo artist are always welcome. Live music creates a festive mood, brings attention to the place and makes customers stay longer to feast. And shop.

    If live entertainment is too costly for the business, turn on a Father’s Day songs playlist. Don’t be confused by some old-school bands — this is Father’s Day, so let fathers enjoy the songs of their youth. Still include fresh songs for newly-minted dads. Make the mix appropriate for your audience.

  • Small treats or drinks are a nice addition to a Father’s Day promo. Most fathers like sweets as much as their kids do. A pile of cookies or a piece of cake at the entrance — what else would a sweet-tooth like? Every year Baskin-Robbins offers unique ice-cream cakes for Father’s Day. Draw inspiration from a current fancy menu!
  • Whatever the event is, it should be kid-friendly. Fathers will join the festive activities if their children are safe and entertained. So a special closed area with an assistant should be prepared. Sports activities, toys, games and crafts take up children’s time and ease fathers’ concerns.

Father’s Week

No need to be bound to only one day. An extended promo brings more results and profit to a business owner. Those who missed the day may come within a week and enjoy the lively atmosphere and promos. By the way, most of them will probably be entrepreneurs who work on their own holiday.


Every client should leave with a gift. If you offer a service, be sure to prepare tangible presents. The best option is a giveaway that will bring your customer back, such as a discount on the next purchase. Don’t feel embarrassed by giving gifts to ladies. By indicating that this present is for their loved ones, you acquire loyal clients.

“After-party” inquiry

Using the same mailing list, gather reviews of the promo period and events by inserting a link to a survey. A small questionnaire on a company site needs to be readily available and not take much time to complete. Such studies accumulate excellent data for business development. It shows clients’ preferences and the capabilities for growth.

Holidays come and go. Weekdays are no reason to stop a marketing program. Any efforts and creative ideas can advance profits and propel sales.