Start Your Own Business With These Content Marketing Tips

Edmund Tee
Edmund Tee
23 February 2015 Business Insights
Keep calm and start your own business!

Keep calm and start your own business!

Here at MightyCall, one of our favorite people to follow when it comes to content marketing are the folks at CopyBlogger.

Brian Clark, who heads up the CopyBlogger team, often says that when done right, content marketing will help your prospective customer know, like, and trust you.

If you are going to start your own business and being your own boss, getting your customers to know, like, and trust you are super important steps to getting them to eventually buy your products and services.

Let’s break down Brian’s three-step approach to successful content marketing.

Know: Content that gets you found

In the dark ages of Search Engine Optimization, being found was all about keyword stuffing and building inbound links from as many websites as possible.

It didn’t matter if the keywords didn’t make sense in the context of the topic, or if the links were from zombie sites set up just to improve search.

Getting found meant handing over a bunch of cash to SEO wizards who knew how to game the system. Success was quick and easy if you could afford it.

That all changed when Google cooked up a new batch of recipes for its search engines. The newer recipes, or algorithms, were given animal codenames starting with “P”, like Penguin, Panda and Pigeon.

If you are going to start your own business, you are going to need to focus on content marketing instead, which will help get your business found.

Keywords can still be important, but they gotta make sense now in the context of the article. And while links can still be useful, they should come from sites that have great authority.

Here is a great article about the new world of SEO and how content marketing fits into it.

Like: Content that keeps them coming back

Good content is useful, entertaining, and sharable. Get all three and you have a good chance of something that can really have legs.

Useful, entertaining and sharable content is important when you start your own business because it acts like a salesperson to make more people aware of your company and the services or products you offer.

Imagine having an ambassador that helps your audience like what you do, except this ambassador never needs to take a break.

Examples of good content include:

Good content also does a few important things for your presence on the internet, which actually goes back to helping your content be found and known.

When you have good content, your bounce rates (proportion of people who arrive at your site but leave right away) are low. Good content is also more likely to be shared over social media, and is also more likely to have people link to it.

All these have a significant impact in making your site more attractive to the search engines, making it more likely for them to serve up your website and blog when there is a relevant search.

Trust: Getting you the sale, again and again

We’ve seen that good content marketing can help you get found by search engines and also to engage your potential customers.

Over time, this opens up the way for the next step — trusting you enough to eventually buy from you when they eventually need what you are offering, or, getting in touch with you for a follow up.

Of course, we’re assuming that you have a good product or service that is sought after, and that you are delivering a great customer experience.

As with other forms of marketing, content marketing can’t help you if you do not have the core parts of your business in order.

But if you are starting your own business and have your own house in order, content marketing can be a very impactful way to grow your business.

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