Marketing Ideas for July 4

The Fourth of July is around the corner, so we’re parading a bunch of promotional ideas to help you make the most out of the nation’s birthday. Bunting, balloons and branding — you should be trumpeting your business and product offering until you’re red, white and blue in the face. Check out our tips for summer holiday sales success here.

Summer comes with a string of holidays. Memorial Day is followed by Father’s Day, and then comes Independence Day.

This is a good time for small business, but entrepreneurs need to invent more and more fresh promos to grab clients’ attention. Repeating recent marketing activities is not the done thing.

Most advertising activities are typical for any holiday: timely reminders to clients about your selection and offers, clients’ social media contests, tangible promo gifts, hosting events, etc. Don’t balk at these tried-and-true ideas, but bear in mind some additional tips to vary a marketing campaign.

Decorative giveaways

More than likely you won’t sell all your holiday decorations after the festivities. A few days before the holiday go outside to make a decoration giveaway promo. Flags, bunting and garlands of patriotic colors cost a pittance. Add small swags with your logo (pens, cups, greeting cards,) and clients will start gathering all over your place.

By the way, this is an efficient way for an online business and those who sell services to remind about your company and advertise yourself. The louder and brighter your campaign, the more customers will come. Buzz marketing is fast among neighbors.

Join the parade

The Independence Day parade is the main Holiday event. It reminds about the history and real meaning of the day. Almost every city holds parades. Apply to the city’s authorities to find out if it’s possible to participate in the event or become a sponsor.

In many cities, the parade’s entry fee is low or free. It is an excellent opportunity to stand out. Create a wheeled float that will present your business and honor the holiday. The logo should take pride of place. And participating in a social-patriotic ceremony engenders goodwill towards your business.

Talk to customers

Why not be sociable today? Grab a camera, get amongst the crowd. Prepare some fun questions and choose prospective clients for a short interview. Everyone wants their moment of glory. The Vidyard (video marketing platform) team knows a lot about turning viewers into customers. They share their findings of how to kick the boring out of your video interview. Pick up desirable question examples.

Be ready to handle your business card with a site name, where you’ll later post a highlights video of the Holiday celebration. The “stars” are sure to visit your internet page.

Kite contest

The Holiday street party continues all day long. Go to your peers with an idea for a kite festival. Holidays are often a chance to collaborate with rivals for win-win results. Applying to marketing designers for the kites’ appearance is worthwhile. It should be conspicuous and appealing and deliver the business’s essence. USA Promo Items or Promotional Product Inc. are just two of companies that are ready to implement your promo ideas on kites (as well as on hundreds of other items.) Companies logos and mottos will sail in the sky, attracting walkers to the fest location. Be ready to sell small kites named after your business for a token fee to all interested.

Fair and fireworks

The spectacular finale of the Fourth of July is always fireworks. In most cases the location of the show turns into a fair before evening comes. Families and friends come together to enjoy the festival. Book your place as a fair participant or even host. Get your staff to wear themed costumes, hats and makeup to attract kids’ attention. If you are children-oriented, you’re in the box seat. They know how to charm parents and make them buy knick-knacks and snacks. So prepare a kids’ zone, pitch balloons, candy and snacks for the little guests. Check out favorite confectionery vendors like Dunkin’ Donuts and Baskin Robbins; they usually have Holidays offers in their menus. But don’t forget the adults: treat them with small classics like barbecues, burgers and frankfurters. They’ll stay longer and remember your atmosphere and products.

No matter what product or service you offer, you won’t lose by selling or giving away some small fireworks on the Fourth of July.

Partial summer sale

It may sound sad, but the first month of summer is almost gone. It’s time to get rid of some of your summer-only items. Put on sale products that most likely won’t be in favor anytime soon. At least you’ll get some return instead of nothing.

By the way, the word “Sale” is sort of magic. Spread information that a Holiday discount is on offer, and watch the clients’ traffic increase.

Now that you’re inspired to launch a Fourth of July marketing campaign, don’t waste time, be creative and try new things.