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Line 2 Review

The VoIP provider Line2 is active in the North American market with target countries being the United States and Canada. Its virtual telephony services work best for freelancers and starter entrepreneurs who are still exploring the advancements PBX and VoIP can bring in to their businesses.

Founded in 2008 by Peter Sisson, Line2 forges multiple phone numbers into a single line by using the cloud-based Private Branch Exchange (PBX) system and further eases entrepreneurs to make calls and text through the simplicity of an app.

As millennials are increasingly making the move towards digital culture and crave the freedom to work from anywhere across the globe, modern VoIP providers try their best to incorporate the mobility factor into their services.

Line2 is no exception and gives users the convenience of a second phone line with a set of basic VoIP features.

Line 2 feature overview

  • Liberty to choose your own number

With the VoIP provider Line2, you may choose a number from an array of toll-free and vanity numbers.  You may also port in an existing number on sign up.

  • Accessibility

Line2 is accessible across various networks, be it cellular voice, cellular data or WiFi. It also lets users increase business presence to other countries without having to invest in large infrastructure or hardware.

  • Customer Support

An easy to reach support team is ready to help Line2 users in case of problems with the service.

  • Mobility

Line2 primarily operates through an integrated network of a cloud-based VoIP system which makes it possible to interact and respond in real time. Just like with other VoIP providers, using multiple devices like laptops, smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches enables the freedom of not being constrained to just one particular type of device.

  • Line2 App

A special feature of the Line2 app is the ability to send and receive texts from a toll-free number. Also, using the Line2 app, small businesses and freelancers can simplify the process of managing a large number of external calls. This can help boost the response-back time without investing large capital.

  • Multiple Lines

VoIP providers like Line2 allow you to add, remove, and reassign lines to different employees in a few steps. This is especially useful for small and mid-sized businesses that need a larger team to collectively envision and execute growth.

  • Call Quality

In contrast to Google Voice and Sideline, Line2 doesn’t entirely depend on one type of internet connectivity like cellular data or WiFi. It works across all platforms just in case the connection gets sloppy at a remote or distant place. This renders high voice quality irrespective of the place you are at.

  • Pricing

Line 2 offers two plans: Standard and Elite. While the Standard plan starts at just $9.95/month, it offers only several basic features like a local number (U.S. or Canada), number porting, and unlimited SMS. All business VoIP features such as toll-free numbers, call queues, auto-attendant, after-hours call handling, etc. come with the Elite plan ($19.95/month)

line2 review

Line2 vs. Other VoIP Providers

Here’s a quick comparison of Line 2 against market leaders in cloud computing and telecommunications. For an ultimate guide to VoIP providers, check out: Your Mega-Giant Guide to the Most Popular VoIP Providers.

Google Voice

In contrast to Google Voice, Line2 offers calling through mobile data, voice, and WiFi simultaneously which means it is more reliable than Google’s free service. Compared to Google Voice, the cheapest Line 2plan (Standard) offers free number porting (with Google, the service costs $20) and a web widget to get texts from your website.


Sideline is a basic VoIP provider that operates solely in the U.S. (it’s not available in Canada) and still lacks many features standard to VoIP such as toll-free and vanity numbers, call queues, and dial by name directory. Plans start from $9.99/month.


Skype has become a generic term with the onset of video calling and the increasing popularity of visual communication. However, being a leisure-centric system, it is not designed for business needs and lacks most VoIP features of its business competitors. On their part, most VoIP providers including Line 2 offer video conferencing, so a business has no need to utilize Skype for this feature.


In contrast to the basic plans offered by Line2 and Sideline, MightyCall is a full-feature professional virtual phone system with three targeted plans ranging from Basic to Ultimate. This means a business of any size can use MightyCall software to full advantage. The pricing smartly reflects various business needs and every plan from Basic on includes multiple absolutely free features to use. MightyCall also gives you the freedom of a free 7-day trial to give the product a test drive before you buy and unlike Line2, comes with no long-term contract.


Line2 is actively pursuing new business opportunities since its 2018 acquisition by J2 Global, the Los Angeles-based internet information and services company. This is good news for PBX and VoIP systems which continue to gain access to new markets and a wider audience.

Currently, the service strives to provide high-quality VoIP services suitable for freelancers and solo entrepreneurs in need of a second phone number. However, in light of strong competitors like Google Voice that provide most of the standard plan features of Line 2 for free, the service finds itself occupying shaky middle ground: not ‘free’ enough for freelancers, it’s also not professional enough for small business owners.

While every business has separate demands and Line2 does its best to live up to them, there’s nothing small about small business communication needs.  If you’re serious about matching with the VoIP provider just right for you, check out MightyCall’s incredible deals for small business and give our free trial a go today!

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