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Independence Day Marketing Tips

July 4th, 1776, the beginning of something majestic, revolutionary and soon to be full of hamburgers. Independence Day holds a special place in the heart of every American, and while it may not spring to mind as prime of a sales moment as Thanksgiving or Christmas, most people are jubilant and in the mood for savings leading up to the holiday.

Here are some tips for small businesses to capitalize on those good feelings and make their July 4th memorable.

Look patriotic Independence Day Marketing Tips

Whether you have a physical store or an online store, you should deck everything you can out in red, white, and blue, and even better if it’s a stars and stripes design. Have pop-ups and send promo emails that are stylized and if possible, interactive. (After all, everyone does love fireworks.)

The idea here isn’t to go over the top or be obnoxious, but just to get visitors and customers in the right mindset to capitalize on your deals. This shouldn’t last all summer either, as most Independence Day offers last a week, at most, running from the final few days of June through the holiday itself.

Bring out the contests Independence Day Marketing Tips

Regardless of if your business is run online or in a physical store, you should be using social media (as usual) to talk with your customers and customer base as much as possible.

For Independence Day, up the stakes by having competitions and contests with your followers. See who can eat the most hotdogs or who wears the stars and stripes best or whose BBQ looks best. Cater the specifics to your target audience, but put some free goodies on the line and have fun with it.

Spend time at community events Independence Day Marketing Tips

Especially if you have a storefront, small businesses should be getting out there and meeting people face-to-face at community events. Pool parties, picnics, parades—you name it and most communities will commemorate America’s birthday somehow.

Your job as a small business is to show up and help give people another reason to be happy. Free samples, sponsorships and just being visible and interactive can go a long way toward making a great impression on your local community.

Have a massive sale Independence Day Marketing Tips

While the holiday itself is great incentive for people to buy things, you should grease the wheels by giving them all the more reason to spend: discounts and other perks like free delivery or money-back guarantees.

The year doesn’t have that many clear opportunities to have large-scale sales, and with Independence Day being arguably the second biggest holiday of the year in America, it’s a great chance to pick up slow summer business.

If you sell a service, show how it can enhance the holiday’s parties and get-togethers! If you sell a product, demonstrate how people can’t rightfully call themselves a good American without having it! With discounted prices people will be more willing to take a chance on things if you give them the slightest reason why it’ll be worth it.

Give back to America’s finest Independence Day Marketing Tips

No matter what state you’re from or what your politics are, every American can agree that our troops are all too often underappreciated. Veterans simply do not get the respect and treatment they deserve.

With that being said, Independence Day is a perfect time to give back to get. Let visitors know that a percentage (this depends on your margins, but shouldn’t be less than 5%) of every purchase will be donated to helping Veterans. That will be enough to compel a good amount of on-the-fence shoppers. Show your social awareness and value to the community and your business will look all the more mature and professional for it.