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#BeMoreKindDay in Seattle

In honor of celebrating the Seattle-based #BeMoreKindDay on September 7th, we wanted to share a few stories of kindness people in our office have been a part of in their lives.


“Once I was in the supermarket and an old woman came up to me. She told me she had forgotten her glasses and couldn’t read the grocery list she had or tell how much money she had in her purse.

I went through the aisles with her buying what she needed and made sure she had enough to pay for it.

She was so thankful she even bought me a chocolate bar!”


“I was walking out of a Trader Joe’s after work one weekday and a little kid, like maybe 8 years old, was on the sidewalk crying his eyes out next to an overturned bike. I asked him what was wrong, and he told me that he broke his bike and his dad was going to be angry.

The bike wasn’t actually broken, it was just a problem with his chain, so I fixed it. I didn’t even need tools or anything. He thanked me and rode off into the distance like nothing ever happened.

I think about that kid a lot. All he needed to be happy was something so small that day.”


“Me and my friends had gone camping and were driving down the highway in a trailer. Middle of nowhere, near camping spots and dirt roads. We drove by 2 teenagers who were walking along the road with their motorbikes.

One of the kids’ bikes was out of gas, so his friend stayed with him to walk the bikes home rather than drive away.

We stopped and once we knew we were all going in the same direction, we tied up their bikes to our trailer and gave them a lift home.”


“I was 12 and in a comic store with my mom, and we didn’t have enough money for a comic I wanted—Ultimate Spider-Man: Clone Saga. I was at the register and the guy behind me (probably a college student) just takes out a 20 and pays for it. He told me to do the same in the future.

I try to pay for a stranger’s comics at least once a year now that I have money.”


“After I graduated college I was working at Michael’s (the craft store) stocking shelves over the summer. I was leaving DC in September to go back home and was just making the money to cover the end of my apartment’s lease.

I was one of 3 guys working the night shift. One of them, Chris, was 17 or 18 and was staying home to go to George Mason, so he was planning on staying at the store for a while.

I wouldn’t say we were friends, but he was a nice kid and I never had any problems with him. One night in July, Chris was in the stock room when there was a loud crash. He had knocked over a couple of boxes trying to get something off the top shelf and broken a lot of stuff.

Management was furious, and since I was leaving in less than a month anyway, I told them it was my mistake that led to the stuff being broken. They fired me and Chris kept his job. Glad there weren’t any cameras in the stock room or we both would have looked foolish. =D”

Nothing is more important than treating those around you well. Take the time today to do something nice for someone, and tell them to pay it forward. The city of Seattle, and us as well, believe that we don’t need to do much to make the world a better place.

Let’s put the theory of kindness to work and see if we’re right!