10 Most Popular Small Businesses

Mightycall Team
Mightycall Team
18 July 2016 Business Insights

Working for yourself can be a tough assignment, but also the key to financial and personal freedom. But where to start? What industries or sectors would suit a person of your talents and motivated skills — the things that make you want to go to work? We’ve put together a list of some of the hottest and most-profitable small businesses a start-upper can get their teeth into.

Sooner or later almost every person of enterprise thinks about starting their own business. It’s a sort of professional freedom and high level of self-realization. But what if you don’t have a brilliant business idea to offer, if you don’t have an exceptional gift to express?

People are consuming more and more. The demand for products and services is growing constantly. Every day a new small business launches. These pioneers of business are great inspiration for those who just took the path of a start-upper. If you are ready for a small business, but are unsure what to get involved in, don’t hesitate to borrow someone else’s idea! Take a look at our list of most popular small businesses in the USA.

Medical care

This is a very profitable idea for a small business, unless the market location you are about to enter is saturated already. This industry includes a diverse range of options, from tests centers to private clinics. If you have a medical degree, this small business fits you perfectly.

Health services

The health industry has even more opportunities than the medical one. One of the most trending is aged care. Life is getting longer, but the elderly can’t maintain all their needs without assistance. Why not offer your services to them? And this is only one idea. Millennials are more obsessed with a healthy lifestyle than the previous generation, according to The Future 100. Wellness clubs, mobile applications, products — the list of small business ideas is never-ending. Have a look at Hungryroot — it sells vegetables turned into delicious pasta. Tricky move!


Not many people like bookkeeping. It takes lots of time and distracts from a company’s operations. Business owners prefer to outsource this service from payroll to tax preparation. The demand prompted the launch of small business accounting software like Xero or QuickBooks. Still, the market isn’t overcrowded.

Consulting and training

We’re not talking about a startup to rival the Big 4. Many companies prefer to deal with small consulting firms, specializing in one service. IT advisory, legal aid, due diligence and tax consulting — these are most requested services in demand. To join this field, you need to have expertise. Being a consultant means helping others go through the workflow chain without making common mistakes.

Site building and web design

Every business needs a website. Without an online presence, any company will fail in competition. If you know the tools for site building or have good taste in design, this is an idea for your small business. Sought-after services vary from a company’s first website implementation to redesign. But don’t forget to improve your skills and keep up-to-date with internet trends.

Local expert

What if you have skillful hands? Prompt small repairs and construction works are always in high demand. You can increase your popularity by word of mouth.
Or, if you love dealing with cars, you can take a chance as a local mechanic. Most people prefer not taking a car to the brand shop for repair as the services are costly. From basic advice to repairs and maintenance — you can turn your hobby into your business.
What’s more, tech-savvy people are almost magicians for most laymen. Enjoy your “power of knowledge” and launch your technical repair small business.

This is a short list of best small business ideas in the USA. But let’s face it: each of them requires some extent of experience or professional education. Of course, you don’t have to have a medical degree to start a clinic: you can be a manager, not a doctor, but it helps.

Here comes the good news: small business community Manta reports that most small-business owners don’t regard higher education as a key factor in hiring or for their own success.

Not to mention the list of self-made billionaires who quit university and high school before due time. Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg and Apple founder Steve Jobs are among them.

Gary Wheeler, owner of The Virtual HR Director, said “I’ve learned that you can’t teach someone how to work hard.” He means that a high professional education doesn’t guarantee commitment, team spirit and willingness to exceed expectations.
We have a few more small business ideas that won’t make you frustrated about your work or college experience.

Online store

Our lives are entirely internet-integrated. And shopping online is one of the best of its options. Starting this business is low-cost as you don’t need office and stock to maintain an online store. In addition, eCommerce platforms make a website’s development quick and professional. As an example, look through our list of advice for Online Clothing Store startup.

Pet sitting

No kidding. Many people take their pets for beloved family members. But they still have to travel and stay at work for a long time. Offering services in pet sitting requires almost nothing in costs. The only valuable reference is probably personal pet ownership and pet-related experience. This kind of side job can be turned into a quality small business, including pet hotels and grooming services.


This is a very widespread small business idea. You don’t need a specific education to launch a café or a bakery. But this area has many non-evident aspects. And besides red tape issues, it requires solid funding. If you are ready to try, find some basics in our How to Launch a Coffee Shop article.

Real estate agency

Many young people make their first money as real estate agents. And most of them dream of launching their own agency. This business is full of challenges, but its dynamic is very attractive. The most valuable credentials are commercial sense and communication skills. We know how to start this business.

Now you have a list of 10 tried-and-true small business ideas. Follow the beaten trail and avoid the mistakes of others — sounds like a plan!

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