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FreedomVoice may not be a huge player in the VoIP market, but they’re above the fray, and for that reason anyone should at least delve into the company and why or why not to give them your business.

MightyCall vs FreedomVoice

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Price per month $ 39.99 $ 29.95
Minutes Included Unlimited Unlimited
Texts Included Yes Yes
Local or Toll-free numbers 5 1
User extensions Unlimited Unlimited
Contact book Yes No
Mini-CRM functionality Yes No
IVR Yes No
Business hours Yes Yes
Call forwarding Yes Yes
Blacklists Yes Yes
Call recording Yes $5/ mo
Music on hold Yes $5/ mo
Call queue Yes Yes
Call transfer Yes Yes
Users availability status Yes No
Group calling Yes Yes
Voicemail to Text Yes Yes
Website widgets Yes No
Desk phones support Yes No
Webphone Yes No
Mobile App (iOS, Android) Yes Yes
*Standard plan *Team plan

FreedomVoice Review

Running since 1996, FreedomVoice claims to have served over 200,000 small businesses. Despite that hefty number, the company’s internet presence remains on the low side, with larger and more trusted tech review and customer feedback sites failing to account for their existence thus far. Outside of TrustPilot, which does feature great reviews of the company, there isn’t another heavy footprint anywhere other than their own site. Not necessarily a red flag, but it makes it clear that the company is not yet near the upper echelon of the market.

Perhaps that is because they have three separate offerings:

  1. a virtual phone number,
  2. a virtual phone system, and
  3. a virtualpbx.

Frankly, the technology behind all of these are complex and thus, when focused on one thing or another, tend to get rather complex. That is the reason why most VoIP providers pick a single one to focus on and do so, with only behemoths offering multiple options—of which FreedomVoice clearly is not.

A PBX is the most technically involved of all of the options, and while for small businesses with heavy call flows can benefit enormously from them, the majority of solopreneurs and small businesses would be better served with a virtual number or system. Unfortunately, FreedomVoice’s system requires hardware, meaning you need to rent or buy phones and equipment to get your business communications up and running—an unnecessary cost in 2020.

We will instead then focus on their virtual numbers, which run solely as software either on a desktop, tablet, or phone via the mobile app—the same as MightyCall’s main offering.

  • Their START plan, at $9.95 a month, is as advertised: a cheap but incredibly small-scaled option, as it only offers 400 talk minutes. This is essentially nothing, not even 15 minutes a day on average,
  • so it’s best to view their EDGE plan: $19.95 a month for 1200 minutes.
  • Also offered is a MAX plan with unlimited minutes for $29.95 a month.

Dampening those prices however is the need to pay extra for certain powerful features however. Getting your number listed to prop Caller ID externally costs extra, as do call recording, address capture, and voice broadcasting (sending voice messages to multiple numbers simultaneously).

Compared to MightyCall’s $19.99 Basic plan and $39.99 Standard plan, featuring 1,000 minutes and unlimited minutes respectively, costs come out in the same price range—still below the average for the VoIP industry.

The two companies both feature all the basic features (and free trials) in addition to a host of most powerful ones. FreedomVoice has a good offering at the moment, truly. However, their tech is more focused on the telephone than everything around it, which limits its flexibility even with a good grouping of features. While call blocking is available, there is not an overarching method listed on the website—and they list everything, so if they had this it would be up there—for how the company helps protect its customers against spam calls, one of the biggest current plagues for business communications.

Another oversight? No semblance of centralization to make all those phone calls and phone data form into coherent and digestible info for business owners to use. That was precisely the reason MightyCall overhauled its UI and put out our Contact Book PLUS feature to centralize all the information companies get from their communications so they can track things better and in turn deliver better customer service and support. It’s a massive feature that alone takes MightyCall from simply a phone system to a CRM-lite.

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Verdict. Why MightyCall is the best alternative to FreedomVoice

FreedomVoice has yet to develop anything like MightyCall has to distinguish their virtual phone offerings. So yes, prices and the length of the list of available features are quite similar, but currently one system can manage and smooth out customer communications AND make all your work simpler and more organized while the other can only manage and smooth out customer communications. Both those are vital elements of running a business, so why choose the company that offers just the one when you can get both for the same price?


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