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What is MightyCall mobile App

Designed for small businesses, MightyCall Mobile helps small business owners monitor and manage inbound requests from customers on the go. Get alerted to new requests, instantly respond from your phone or re-assign the request to another member of your team. Best of all, MightyCall Mobile is free.

It’s like having your very own call center in your pocket!

With the MightyCall Mobile App you can:

Receive alerts
of new customer requests
View customer requests 
from several sources in a single activity queue
Quickly assign requests
to yourself or another member of your team with just a swipe
View request details and complete requests
with just a touch
Track opportunities
by adding comments to a request
Immediately respond
using email or phone calls
Update your address book
with customer contact information
Monitor progress
ensuring that opportunities don’t fall through the cracks


Receive, Review and Respond to customer requests anywhere with the MightyCall Mobile App.

How to create an account

Step 1: Download the MightyCall Mobile App
1. Install the app from the following locations:

2. Launch the app. Tap Sign-up.

3. Fill out the fields asking for:

  • First name.
  • Last name.
  • Email address. Please note, your registration information will be sent to this address.
  • Password.

4. Tap the orange Submit button.
Step 2: Get your MightyCall solution subscription

Each MightyCall Mobile App, comes with a complimentary web-based MightyCall solution subscription. Log on to your MightyCall web application (at to configure your MightyCall subscription, or log on through the link included within your MightyCall welcome email sent to all new subscribers.

Enjoy the use of four basic features, outlined below.


“Contact Us” page
The “Contact Us” page allows prospects to communicate with you either directly through a web call, or by leaving a request for more information through an email, or a call back. It also allows you to display other important information such as addresses and links to your social media pages.
MightyCall dashboard
A web-based version of MightyCall where you can tweak your system to your needs. Manage your account, configure activity streams, view statistics and add co-workers from one easy, intuitive interface.
Activities queue
Customer requests from your “Contact Us” form automatically feeds into your activities queue. Receive and manage updates on new prospects on your desktop, or mobile.
Social media integration
Integrate your social media presence with MightyCall.

Upgrade to a paid plan to add more users, and enjoy making voice calls using dedicated local or toll-free numbers that work in conjunction with the Activities Queue.

Step 3: Verify your mobile phone number

After first signing in, you will be prompted to confirm or verify your mobile phone number in order to make outgoing calls via the MightyCall Mobile App.
You should also activate international calling for your MightyCall account via +1 888-256-8312 (USA) or send an email request to

Mobile App hints

These are some tips you need to be aware of during the start of the mobile app:

  1. Make sure you’re logged in under the right user (not your sales@ ext. trying to call from your Info@ for example).
  2. Make sure your Phone number is associated with your user.
  3. When you call out you will see your business number (Your phone>MightyCall #> Customer number).
  4. To manage your account settings login to your account online.
  5. For iOS you need to dial (xxx) xxx xxxx or +1 (xxx) xxx xxxx, not 1 (xxx) xxx xxxx.
    For Android, if you have “dial settings” on (see settings page) (xxx) xxx xxxx.

Navigating the interface

Monitor all your activities on your MightyCall Mobile Dashboard.

Tap the appropriate button to add a To Do Item to your Activities Queue. You can assign this activity to your co-worker if needed.

Analyse some basic statistics on the Dashboard screen:

  • Requests by Day (last week).
  • Requests by Channels (Voice, Social and Other).

Swipe down the Dashboard screen to see your latest statistics.

Tap New to see new activities.

Tap My to see your assigned activities.

Change your presence status

Change your Presence Status to Available or Do not Disturb from your MightyCall Mobile App.

Tap on the your profile image in the top left corner to change your Presence Status, or logout.

All incoming calls will be handled according to your Answering rules.

Activities queue

Monitor the different components to your business with the Activities Queue in your MightyCall Mobile App.

Swipe to quickly access, process and handle ongoing activities.

Tap the Activity to see detailed information about it. You can also sort all activities by date or by priority.

You can assign an activity to yourself (“Grab”) or re-assign to another team member (“Give”).

There are different actions depends on the activity typ. Swipe left and tap More to get more options for each activity.

Detailed information

Curious about the Activity? Find out more by clicking on Detailed Information which gives you the following:

You can comment on any Activity. This comment will be shown to all users.

The History section records all information about the Activity status, when it was created, processed or reassigned.

Activity type and contact information: For example, phone number or customer’s name. You can also save contact information by clicking on the icon.

Messages: For example, voice mail and Twitter mentions.

Links to assign the activity:  grab or give.

Main actions: (depends on the activity type, for example, call or complete). You can reopen any activity listed in the Completed list if needed.

App settings

To recalibrate the settings on your MightyCall Mobile App,  tap the menu icon.

You can:

  • View your profile information, privacy policy, or restore your profile to its original setting.
  • Change notification settings.
  • Re-run an Introduction Tour  if needed.
  • Edit your personal information and change your business phone number for outbound calls.

Outgoing calls by MightyCall mobile

MightyCall Mobile allows you to make outgoing calls on your mobile with your very own business number. Up your professional image by a notch and maintain your privacy with this function. Keep your personal mobile number, personal.

How to make a call with MightyCall mobile

There are two ways to make an outgoing call:

  • Via a Dialer.
  • By clicking the Call button (for Missed calls or Voicemails).

You can select one of two methods for these outgoing calls – call on behalf of your business number or your mobile phone number.

How to choose a business number for outbound calling via mobile app

If you have two or more business phone numbers, you can select the desired number for outbound calling.
Tap Settings and select Profile Settings. Choose a business number for outbound calling from the list.

How to use a dialer

Tap the Keypad icon on your dashboard to reveal the Dialer.

Dial any phone number or select contacts from your address book by clicking on the address book icon.

To make a call, press the Call button.

Outgoing call pricing

Prepaid minutes from your account will be deducted each time you make an outgoing call.

Calls exceeding your monthly allotment of Talk Minutes will be billed to your BankAccount. The price of each call differs between countries. Check the rates page on the MightyCall website.

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