VIP or blacklist call routing

Set different service rules for different clients

VIP or blacklist calls routing

What is VIP & blacklist feature

MightyCall supports 3 groups of clients:

  • Regular, which contains all the customers not included in the VIP and black lists
  • VIP list
  • Blacklist

For regular and VIP lists, you can configure individual call routing rules. These may include individual greetings, auto-receptionist, call queues, after hours call routing and so on.

The blacklist has only one unchangeable routing rule — drop all calls.

For you convenience we have created VIP lists. The clients from this list will be always able to reach the most qualified manager or skip auto-receiptionist, or reach support team any time of day.

How to create VIP and black lists

To create a VIP or a black list, you should add phone numbers into your MightyCall account. You can also download the phone numbers list from a .csv or .txt file.

In MightyCall virtual phone system you can create a lot of VIP and black lists, but at any given time, only one VIP list and one blacklist can be active for each business access number. You can switch to other customer lists and routing rules in your MightyCall account at any time.

VIP or blacklist calls routing

How to use customer lists

The main advantage of the customer lists — different service for different customer groups. The ultimate goal of it — improved customer experience.

The blacklist is often used for personal needs or entrepreneurs. Companies use the blacklist less often.

Examples of regular and VIP list use:

  • Separate prospects from customers who made a purchase.
  • Select a group of customers who purchased enhanced support and serve them by special support team 24/7.
  • Select a group of debtors and play them a reminder of the need to make the next payment along with the greeting.
  • Based on customers’ profile, select a group for upselling. Direct calls from these customers to special managers.
  • Separate contractors and customers. Handle calls from these two differently.
  • For non-profit organizations, handle calls from clients and community members differently.
  • Merge calls related to the implementation of a project, such as a festival. Set special call handling.

Use cases

Alice runs a team of account managers. She set the following rules of customer service.

«In business hours, customer calls are forwarded to members of her team. After hours, calls are diverted to voicemail. However, the company has several key customers.
To service them properly, Alice included their phones in the VIP list. She set the rule that VIP list customer calls would be diverted to the group of the most qualified managers 24/7.»

Bob manages a charity. He uploaded the list of volunteers as a VIP list in his MighCall account. He set that calls from volunteers with practical issues would be forwarded to his phone. Other calls would be forwarded to the group of care supervisors. Bob also created a blacklist to get rid of annoying calls from persons who don’t need help, but would distract from work.

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