VIP or blocklist call routing

    With MightyCall, you can separate callers into 3 groups: Regular, VIP list, and Blocklist.

    set up call flow

    For both regular and VIP lists you can configure individual call routing rules. These may include individual greetings, call queues, after hours call routing and a number of other features.
    The blocklist, set up to free you from pesky prank callers, telemarketers, and other trouble makers, is automatically set to drop all calls.

    VIP lists occupy the other end of the spectrum, as the name implies. The clients from this list will be able to reach you or anyone else in your network of extensions whenever they need to.

    How can I make VIP and block lists?

    To create a VIP or a block list, you should add the phone numbers into the appropriate place in your MightyCall account. Through your account, there is page called ‘VIP and Block lists’; once on that page, simply enter the phone number you’re adding and make sure the ‘Enable VIP/Block list’ checkbox is ticked. That’s all it takes, and you can even download a list of phone numbers from a .csv or .txt file.

    Your VIP and Block lists can be as long as you’d like, and you can create different lists if you want to; however, if you do have different lists, know that only 1 VIP and Block list can be active at any given time per business number. If you’re on the Standard or Ultimate plan that’s no worry, but otherwise, just be sure to have the proper list enabled if you have several different ones.

    VIP Blocklists settings

    How to add numbers to block lists from MightyCall’s mobile app

    MightyCall users can add numbers to Block Lists with a single click from the mobile app.

    This will make blocking spammers and scammers even easier.

    VIP Blocklists mobile

    How do I use VIP customer lists?

    The main advantage of these customer lists is prioritization. You can give a different service experience to different customer groups, knowing where to devote more of your time and where to completely save your time. All of this works toward improved customer experience.

    Examples of how to use regular and VIP lists:

    • Separate prospects from customers who made a purchase.
    • Select a group of customers who purchased enhanced support and serve them with a special 24/7 support team.
    • Select a group of debtors and play them a reminder of the need to make their next payment along with the greeting.
    • Based on a customer’s profile, select a group for upselling. Direct calls from these customers to special managers.
    • Separate contractors and customers. Handle calls from these two differently.
    • For non-profit organizations, handle calls from clients and community members differently.
    • Merge calls related to the implementation of a project, such as a festival. Set special call handling.

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