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Case Studies

Windy City Parrot and the Value of Flexibility

Windy City Parrot
Avian Pet Supply
business case

Mitch Rezman and his wife Catherine run a parrot shop. Sounds straightforward, right? Well it’s not: they operate across state lines with numbers in Illinois and Indiana, travel all over their states, and Mitch also has another business on the side. Oh, and they have hundreds of thousands of fans on social media eager to see the newest clips of the cute winged friends for sale at Windy City Parrot.

How do they manage all of this? With MightyCall. Mitch says, they have “total freedom”. MightyCall allows you to purchase numbers across the US, including in areas you are not currently living; this allowed them to keep one foot in Chicago and one foot in Indiana:

We’re currently on the Standard plan and that includes five business numbers. For my development business, I took an 800 number and a local number and for Windy City Parrot we have an 800 number that we ported over. [We kept the] local number for Chicago and also created a third number for Indiana so we could have a presence there.

MightyCall’s toll-free numbers selection

How is that number distribution working out for them? Mitch says “Spectacularly”.

By embracing their type of lifestyle and finding out about MightyCall and how it can help businesses, Mitch and Catherine Rezman have opened up a world of possibilities for themselves. With multiple businesses in several states, managing everything absolutely requires the best tools around. Without MightyCall, pulling off the day-to-day operation of their businesses would be vastly more challenging.

Thanks to the system offering multiple numbers per plan, toll-free or local numbers at no extra cost, and unmatched on-the-go ability, the Rezmans can live their lives as they choose. These folks are on the go. They do business while biking, driving, and traveling. They take advantage of anything that moves to get them from one business opportunity to the next. With the flexibility MightyCall offers, they can make their dreams a reality–no matter where the wind takes them.

Meet Mitch and Catherine’s birds in their home habitat

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