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Why Voice Greetings are Useful

A business’s efficiency, how it works and how well it works, is likely the first thing customers notice. But appearance matters too, and you’ll only have a few seconds to strike while you have a caller’s attention.

Since the advent of cloud technology, virtual phone systems have created the possibility to run your company’s communications straight from any phone or computer. However, you do still need to convert callers and leads to customers, and so far no technical advancement has overtaken the tried and true method of seeming completely competent.

When you use a virtual phone system, the first interaction callers have with your company is a custom voicemail greeting. An auto-attendant (also known as Interactive Voice Response) automatically coded with the various call routing rules you’ve put in place plays the greeting before redirecting the call, giving you a brief window to distinguish your company as capable and trustworthy.

Customer trust matters; small businesses have an inherent disadvantage here, so they need to do twice as much to earn that trust.

Your greetings help your company project a professional image.

If you don’t trust yourself to make a great recording, you can even use a professionally-recorded greeting from a company.

Think about it from a customer’s perspective: if you called a business, doesn’t matter what kind, and something felt “off” or low-budget about their greeting, what would you assume about the rest of the company? Would you be quick to give them your money?

If you’re looking for some help to avoid that nightmare scenario, check out this article on business voicemail greetings. You can either keep it straight and simple or go for a splash of creativity (although be careful with this, you don’t want to offend anyone or appear to be trying too hard to be clever).

Either way, using great voice greetings together with a virtual phone system will create the kind of customer experience that people will remember for the right reasons. Your phone system will work great and sound great too.