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How a Virtual Phone Number Can Help Your Business Stay Safe and Active During a Pandemic

As we have all learned by now, in the event of a pandemic society pretty much starts shutting down. Businesses around the entire country are voluntarily shutting their doors to avoid any possibility of getting or spreading the coronavirus, and in some places, they have even begun mandating a complete shutdown of entities which are not critical to societal function. Odds are that this is going to affect your small business as well. So how can owning a virtual phone number from MightyCall help get your small business through the coronavirus (as well as the next society pausing pandemic?).

The fact is, this is an important question. A lot of shuttered businesses are probably wishing that, even just months ago, they had had a plan for how they could get through any serious eventualities. Because right now, the situation is dire, and like the person who doesn’t buy enough toilet paper just to find out that all the stores nearby are out of stock, you don’t want to get caught with your proverbial pants down.

Your business is closed by government order. You can’t afford to just stop working for the next month or two, but you cannot exactly go out and buy new electronics supplies- after all, everything else is closed too! You also cannot meet with your employees, not even in the coworking location you usually use. What do you do? How do you properly prepare for all of this? And what can you do right now, so that you do not stand to lose months of potential business?

You can get yourself a virtual phone number. Since we know a lot of small businesses are probably wracked with worry over coronavirus, we thought we’d put together a list of all the ways how getting a virtual phone number of your own from MightyCall, and using MightyCall’s virtual phone number app, can get your business through the worst of the coronavirus.

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A virtual phone number: easy come…easy stay!

 So right off the bat, let’s address the most pressing concern: being able to actually transfer your service while in the midst of a lockdown. After all, if you aren’t capable of setting up a new service, this whole thing is going to be rendered moot.

Fortunately, MightyCall is incredibly easy to set up- all you really need is a computer (and a phone, for obvious reasons, but for set-up alone you don’t even technically need that).

Now, as a quick note, we cannot really speak for how fast your current phone provider will be able to port your number over (if you want to stay with your original number, that is, and if you want to switch from your current provider- MightyCall is cheap enough that you can probably afford both, if that’s your desire). In a pandemic, services from the big phone companies may be slower.

To set up MightyCall, you first (assuming you are starting with a brand new number) pick out the virtual phone number you would like to register. This is a pretty straightforward process: on the starting page, you can pick your number(s) by city, area code, or by inputting the specific digits that you want it to include.

Next, select a MightyCall plan. This is pretty easy, as MightyCall has three different price plans: Basic, Standard, and Ultimate. All of them come with tons of features, and all three can be used to run a successful, multi-employee business.

Then you just input your payment information and create an account.

Once everything is started up, you can head on over to your MightyCall web panel, which will look something like this:

virtual phone number


Now, we will not need to go through all of this (there are plenty of explainers and how-tos on our blog if you need any further guidance), but to set up the most critical aspects, like how you want to receive calls (to whom calls should go to, at what times you are available, etc.). It’s all incredibly self-explanatory when you are looking at it, and MightyCall’s support staff can of course help you. But by and large, setting up takes just minutes.

Virtual Phone Number, Virtual Contact

 So with coronavirus, one of the obvious issues is contact- namely, avoiding it. Getting around talking to people in the flesh is critically important.

Fortunately, with a virtual phone number, this is super easy, barely an inconvenience (both in terms of the previously mentioned set-up and getting it running smoothly with your colleagues).

Now this obviously varies depending on the nature of your business but by and large, you will never have to worry about things running smoothly while you and your employees are consigned to quarantine. If you want to talk face to face, modern technologies like Skype can allow you to talk to your employees, but MightyCall’s web panel allows you to leave notes for one another. With call recordings (both ways!), visual voicemail, and call statistics (such as who is picking up and when, who misses calls, how long they are, etc), you can easily monitor the work your employees are doing and give them gentle (or firm) nudges in the right direction if you think they need the push.

Easily Communicate with Your Clients

Going through Twitter at the moment makes it fairly clear that panic is in the air. Fights in the wine aisle, traffic jams outside of grocery stores, dogs and cats living together- mass hysteria!

What this means is that you can be willing to bet that your clients are not going to be immune to the panic that is gripping society writ large. Fortunately, with MightyCall’s virtual number, you can easily contact your clients and potential callers through a variety of means. You can talk over your computer (provided it has the ability to receive and output sound, which is likely), and you can do so over your browser-  no extra downloads necessary.

On your phone, of course, you can use MightyCall’s app, which is laid out in a common-sense easy-to-use way.

mightycall app

Once you set up your basic account settings online, you can almost exclusively use the app, if that is your preferred method of communication. It’s got everything you need: the previously mentioned statistics, the ability to communicate with your clients over calls and texting using your business number, voicemail and voicemail transcriptions, call recordings, and lots more.

All this is to say that you never have to worry about interruptions with your business life (while your personal life is being thrown into coronavirus led disarray).

Do Your Real-Life Work With Your Virtual Number

No need to panic about not being at your office because that’s where your desk phone is, no need to panic about not having access to your work desktop, and no need to worry about incredibly slow-moving VPNs, which almost never work and can be incredibly difficult to get to function.

With MightyCall’s virtual phone number app and technology, all of your necessary work can be done online, safely and easily. You are not ever tied down to a single spot (need to use a computer you’ve never used before? No problem- just go to the website and log in). Do all of your work over your home wi-fi, and if you are on your phone and for whatever reason do not have access to wi-fi, then no problem: feel free to use your phone signal.

To make it easier, MightyCall comes with a boatload of features to help you navigate the crazy economic waves caused by the coronavirus. We have already mentioned call recording, statistics, visual voicemail, and voicemail transcription above- but how about a complete readout of your call history? VIP and/or black-listing (for those folks you either really want to talk to or desperately do not want to talk to)? Or call queues, which enable you to have an orderly assignment of callers to your employees without a digital pile-up?

What these all do is help you to run your business smoothly while a pandemic is running rampant outside. With all of the things we have to keep track of while we are getting through this nuttiness, with MightyCall’s virtual phone number, our business will be one of the few things actually producing some good vibes. Doing all of your real-life work with your virtual MightyCall phone number will be a psychologically, fiscally, and (in the times of a pandemic) literally healthier way of doing business!

In short, coronavirus might last …

  …so make sure that your business is prepared! With MightyCall’s virtual phone number, web panel, and virtual phone number app, you will be ready to weather the difficulty that coronavirus (and anything else in this crazy world) is going to throw at you. And once it’s safe for us all to go outside, your communication will be so tightly integrated and running so smoothly with MightyCall’s technology that you won’t even be able to remember the pre-MightyCall times.

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