Online ‘Survive and Thrive Growth Summit’ for Small Business

If you’re an entrepreneur who feels frustratingly helpless as coronavirus ravages the U.S. economy, there are two things you can do. Let your hands down and close shop, or mine your way through the challenge and find unforseen ways to grow and nourish your business. This can include: local and national coronavirus relief programs, crowdfunding for small business, and diving into business learning through the experience of others.

The Survive and Thrive Growth Summit 2020 is an online event aimed at learning to restructure your business with the example of experts. It will bring you up close and personal with entrepreneurs who’ve got the answers coronavirus-shaken businesses are looking for.

Survive and Thrive Growth Summit 2020 schedule and topics

Scheduled for April 23, 2020, at 4 pm (EST), the Survive and Thrive Growth Summit is a totally FREE online event for small business owners, solopreneurs, and freelancers. It will be hosted by entrepreneur and author Ramon Ray and will feature over a dozen industry experts as speakers. 

Presentation topics will include:

  • “Managing now while planning for the future”
  • “Resilient leadership: thriving through challenge”
  • “Your tech. Your people. Maximizing your resources.”
  •  “Your government and your business”
  • “Stretch your finances and make your money work for you”
  • “Leveraging your community and networking online”

and more.

Participating experts come from a variety of industries and companies. Some of the speakers include:

  • Anita Campbell, CEO, Small Business Trends 
  • Karen Kerrigan, Small Business Entrepreneurship Council 
  • Meredith Schmidt, Salesforce
  • Chris Costello, AT&T
  • Emily Washcovick, Yelp
  • Mike McDerment, Freshbooks
  • Ivana Taylor, DIY Marketers

As well as independent entrepreneurs, speakers, and authors.

Seminar Registration

Registration for the Survive and Thrive Growth Summit 2020 is absolutely FREE, going on now and until April 22, 2020. 

You can join the social media conversation as well. Follow #SurviveThrive for the live Twitter chat happening on April 23.

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