Thinking Differently About Staffing a Small Business Contact Center

Small Business Contact Center Illustration

Long gone are the days when you had to hire people to physically sit in a call center and answer phones. Back then, you had to pay agents whether they were needed or not, along with the costs of renting the physical call center space and other expenses.

Thanks to the Internet and virtual phone systems, you have more flexibility than ever before in how you staff your small business contact center.

Today, your contact center agents could include a retired U.S. ex-patriot living on a Mexican beach, a young Canadian who has just had her first child, or someone in North Carolina with deep knowledge of your industry but who only wants to work a few hours a week. The possibilities are endless, as are the business benefits — including no more call center locations to rent.

But that’s not where the story ends. MightyCall is working to further revolutionize how call centers are staffed. We’re developing an “agent-as-a-service” offering that will provide small businesses with hundreds or even thousands of people who can deliver great customer service for your business.

The MightyCall agent-as-a-service is a marketplace of certified agents who are trained to answer your business phone on your behalf. Our agents can help you with phone-based customer surveys or handle outbound as well as inbound customer calls. We match the availability and experience of our agents to your particular needs. Best of all, you can procure our service on-demand — and pay only for what you use.

With the MightyCall service, even small businesses can have “live” agents easily and affordably answer their phones at all hours, instead of sending callers to voicemail. This is important because, as I mentioned in an earlier blog post, 82 percent of customers and prospects calling companies are likely to hang up when they’re greeted with voicemail.

We’re working hard to deliver the MightyCall agent-as-a-service soon. Please check back for further details soon.


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