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MightyCall Blog

MightyCall Wins the 2024 Winter G2 Awards

This winter, MightyCall has achieved its consecutive G2 Leader Winter 2024 Award along with a multitude of others.
What does this mean for you? Whether you’re managing a busy call center, running a small business, or steering a large enterprise, these awards are a clear signal that MightyCall is equipped to meet and exceed your communication needs. Let’s dive into the details and see how these accolades translate into real benefits for you.

G2 Winter 2024 VoIP Leader Award

MightyCall is a leader in VoIP on G2
MightyCall’s VoIP service has been recognized with the G2 Leader Award. You’re using a service that other users love for its reliability and quality. If you’re in a call center, you can expect clearer calls and happier customers. If you’re a small business owner, this means a dependable service that grows with your needs.

High Performer in Call Center

MightyCall is a leader in Contact Center on G2
Our users can expect the best available call center features, better customer service, and consistent updates.

“Mightycall is complete set packages that offers multiple advantages from call routing to call recording. Because of Mightycall, business management has been enhanced.”
Aakanksha K.

High Performer in mid-market VoIP

MightyCall is a leader in Mid-Market VoIP on G2
As a High Performer in mid-market VoIP, MightyCall demonstrates high customer satisfaction. You have successfully provided your call center with a modern solution for your employees to love.

“The price seemed too good to be true, and I thought they must compromise functionality for it – in fact, they do not! They simplified the experience and the system to be a modern phone system, compared to 90% of others who feel like they were programmed in the 90s.”
User in Non-Profit Organization Management

Most Implementable Small Business in VoIP

MightyCall is a leader in Small-Business VoIP on G2
The Most Implementable award in VoIP highlights how user-friendly MightyCall is. Setting up is a breeze, meaning less downtime for your business and more time connecting with your customers.

“The workflow setup and user setup is easy to use and modify. Option of both a cell phone app and a web portal, gives more usability and is great for in office only employees.”
Rainer T.

Best Meets Requirements Small Business in VoIP

MightyCall is a leader in Small-Business Outbound Call Tracking on G2
This award signifies that MightyCall is attuned to your specific business needs. Whether you need scalability or a rich feature set, MightyCall is there to support your growth and adapt as you do.

“You can very simply customize how to direct your calls through a main line number and send to specific employees/departments. They make the UX easy to understand and navigate. “
User in Non-Profit Organization Management

Leader Americas in VoIP

MightyCall is a leader in Americas VoIP on G2
This award means MightyCall is a top choice in the Americas. You’re part of a large community of satisfied users who rely on MightyCall for their daily business communications.

“It’s a great work-life balance solution. Being able to customize my businesses call times so that my phone doesn’t ring during off hours is a big win. Improves customer-facing professionalism of the company with extensions and directories to “customer service”, “billing”, and “the next available agent” although all three may be handled by the same person.”
User in Professional Training & Coaching

About G2

G2 is the leading business solution review platform, offering over 1 million user reviews to help businesses make informed decisions. G2 provides real, timely reviews from users, offering critical insights into software and services.

About MightyCall

MightyCall is here for businesses of all sizes, offering a VoIP service that’s not only award-winning but also user-approved. With a focus on providing effective communication solutions, we’re proud to support over 25,000 organizations globally. MightyCall is dedicated to helping your business succeed through top-tier communication services.

Kat Barannikova
Kat Barannikova is a copywriter and an obsessive tea drinker at MightyCall.
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