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Mightycall Team
Mightycall Team
11 July 2017 Business Insights

The article reveals an actual case of the MightyCall virtual phone system used in a real estate small business company.

New Jersey realtor thrives with MightyCall

Real estate is the field of business that involves a great deal of interaction. Property deals are no small thing and all the aspects should be carefully considered by all the parties. Hence, a huge number of incoming calls, that entail an urgent need for a solution to handle them at least possible expense. The issue is especially pressing for small businesses that usually lack infrastructural and human resources. However, from the very beginning SMB owners hardly ever think of it ― this need emerges as time passes and the firm grows.

Start-up real estate agencies can be ― and often are ― established from scratch with an owner acting as a sole worker. And as for equipment, a computer, a phone and a heap of paper will do just fine if you have a decent business phone system. One might consider this an understatement, but a real world example of a certain real estate agency from New Jersey proves the point.

Establishing the business

One fine morning an aspiring entrepreneur with a bit of law experience from New Jersey made a decision that will later become pivotal for his career. Although the competition was tight, he considered that the local real estate market will allow for a one more realtor agency. Having nothing but enthusiasm and his student brother as a partner, he launched a start-up without clear understanding of what to expect from it in the future.

At first, the business dealt with local clientele ― legal consultations on real estate deals, negotiation and mediation, seeking suitable variants and organizing visits to the property under consideration. Naturally, the work involved pretty much movement. Performing these tasks solely, the owner was always on the go, so using a personal mobile phone for business affairs seemed a good idea at first. The call flow wasn’t abundant, so it served for a while.

First call-processing challenges

As time passed, using a single mobile number for both personal and business contacts started to feel cumbersome. Apart from obvious impact on privacy, this approach interfered with effective call management ― there was no way to achieve seamless collaboration between the owner and his partner. A lot of calls were lost for good ― if the owner couldn’t answer the phone or the line was busy, there wasn’t any reliable ways for his partner to answer for him.

“Receiving personal and business calls to one number wasn’t very convenient. I wanted to separate them somehow and to manage the business line independently. I didn’t want to carry an additional device, though ― a flexible call-processing system is what I needed. The business slowly developed and soon we had enough money to launch a promotion campaign. However, putting my personal number on advertising materials looked like a terrible idea…”

What is more, regular customers began complaining about their agency to be inaccessible more and more often. Considering the slow but steady migration of customers to competitors and plans for a marketing campaign, the realtor finally decided to look through the available solutions. His core requirements for the system were:

  • Cloud technology ― he had neither wish nor finances to buy, install and maintain any additional equipment. At that, the system should be accessible via a web portal or, preferably, a mobile application and 100% compatible with smartphones;
  • Reliability ― guaranteed uptime and high quality of sound combined with seamless overall performance;
  • Flexibility ― the system should allow to add or remove features effortlessly, all key parameters should be customizable enough to meet individual needs of a company.
  • Scalability ― With an affordable basic rating plan it should have enough potential power to meet any needs that may arise in the foreseeable future.

“I was searching for a phone system that offered a virtual business number and allowed to transfer calls according to a customizable set of rules. Additional features like voice menu and mobile apps would also be nice. I tried several services and decided on MightyCall — their mobile app is really cool, it works equally nice on my iPhone and my brother’s Android device.”

And so MightyCall was chosen. It turned out to be a perfectly balanced solution that combined affordability with fairly powerful range of features even on the lowest price tiers.

Getting started with MightyCall’s business phone system

Basic rate plan included a set of features more than adequate for a small business endeavor. The entrepreneur chose a virtual business number to his liking, logged into MightyCall’s personal account and started tweaking the phone system. He had never used such services before and was pleased to find out that configuring process was not so complicated as he expected. It took minutes to get familiar with basic settings and change them the way he deemed optimal. Then he introduced his brother to the service.

“With their intuitive flow-chart design I was able to set the call flows at no time. As a result, calls were forwarded to my phone during the business hours, while my brother ― a student ― backed me up when his studies were over. We also divided the regular customers between us. My brother’s clients got an opportunity to reach him directly, while my clients’ calls were automatically forwarded to my device. That was incredibly convenient to us and our customers alike.”

Hard work supported with an improved customer relation layout yielded results in about a year. The business was showing a steady growth and soon the partners realized that it was no longer possible for them to process all the deals on their own. To hire their first employee was an important yet unavoidable decision. The MightyCall’s Basic plan only allowed for two team members, so the agency migrated to the next tier ― Standard ― with up to 7 users. It marked the beginning of a new stage for their business development.

Realtors boost their online presence

Hiring the second employee was almost a no-brainer when time had come to expand further. The ever-increasing customer flow demanded for new communication features and, just as expected, the Standard rating plan had them at the ready.

“Their Standard plan offers complementary website widgets that can be seamlessly integrated into the phone system. The ability to receive VoIP calls from the website directly to my phone seemed so appealing, that we decided to overhaul our internet page ― all the same, it required updating for years.”

Quite predictably, they opted for WordPress, one of the most popular and user-friendly platforms on the net. Once the site was up and running, the realtor installed MightyCall’s click-to-call widget which let the website visitors send messages or call the agency right via the browser. Another widget ― the contact form ― provided the internet-audience with easily readable contact information like address, e-mail, phone number and a map. It also included some essential data like business hours and a custom photo gallery. The idea was to give customers another way to get in touch with the agency ― not everyone likes to use phones nowadays; besides, internet calls are free. It also helped to project an appealing image of a modern and actively developing company which does its best to make working with them pleasant.

“Updating a site was not an easy task. We had a heated discussion on design and features ― a website is somewhat like your business card, only the exposure is much wider. But we wanted to divert from using it solely as a source of information about us. If we still have to maintain this online asset, why not make it work for us. The click-to-call widget promised to turn the homepage into a valuable instrument to engage new clients just as they were browsing through our pages. And once everything was deployed and tuned, I prepared for a massive wave of internet calls. Surprisingly, nothing happened.”

It appeared that the agency’s website wasn’t exactly popular. Therefore, for a while the widgets received only occasional calls from stray souls. Making absolutely correct conclusions out of this situation, the partners scrutinized the ongoing marketing campaign and quickly realized the targeting was far from optimal. The partners had to rectify it and to employ SEO means in order to move their website to the first page of search results.

Going multi-channel

Soon enough their efforts were rewarded with a surge of inbound traffic. Consequently, more and more people began to use the click-to-call widgets. From now on, MightyCall business phone system became a full-fledged communication center of the agency ― it joined the popular interaction channels (VoIP, phone, e-mail, social media) into a single hub readily accessible through the mobile application. And its additional features also proved to be useful.

“MightyCall works for us perfectly. It’s very handy to have all the lines connected to your mobile ― no need to switch between different apps and devices. It keeps you on top of things. And we also use additional features, because ― why not, if our customers benefit from it. We actively send SMS notifications about appointments and other useful information. Clients appreciate it, when you keep them in the know. And for holidays we record special customer greetings to congratulate the callers on the occasion. A little personal touch, you know.”

As for their regular voice greeting, the realtors believe it should project a feeling of professionalism and responsibility, so they recorded it at a studio with professional actors. And this real estate agency is a fairly common example of how virtual phone systems ― and MightyCall in particular ― serve as an affordable solution to tidy up the messy communication layout. But that’ not all it has to offer. In addition to improving overall efficacy which stems from more optimal external and internal interactions, MightyCall helps companies to project their brand image onto the audience, personalize approach to clients and to save on telecom equipment. Simply put, it lets your work faster and more comfortably, while adverse effects are nil.

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