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Introducing Scheduled Campaigns: a Powerful Addition to Auto Dialer Settings

We’re excited to announce a powerful addition to the MightyCall dialer settings – Scheduled Campaigns. With this latest enhancement, you can now specify the time for your campaign launch and time brackets, which leads to better and more precise call center management.

Scheduled Campaigns MightyCall

Scheduled Campaigns empower you to set specific start and end dates for your campaigns up to three months in advance. This means you can plan outbound strategies well ahead of time, aligning them perfectly with your marketing objectives and customer engagement goals.

Further refining your control, this new feature allows you to launch campaigns only during designated business hours. You can specify the exact days and times when your outbound calls are made, ensuring that your team connects with customers at the most opportune moments.

Benefits of scheduled campaigns

Time efficiency

Automating the launch and stoppage of campaigns frees up valuable time for supervisors, allowing them to focus on strategy and optimization rather than last minute scheduling. Let automation take care of scheduling and set campaigns up immediately without having to wait for the proper start date.

Better campaign performance

With the ability to set precise operating times, you ensure that your campaigns run only when they are most effective, resulting in better engagement and higher conversion rates. Don’t rush yourself into on-the-spot actions. By planning wisely and taking into account all the factors associated with a campaign you can align timing and results for more effective performance.

Improved operations

Scheduled campaign settings are integrated into the general dialer campaign wizard, meaning you can manage all aspects of a campaign from a single interface. This simplifies the overall process and offers an all-in-one setup approach for your call outreach efforts. With this added oversight and ease-of-setup, campaign management becomes more manageable for admins.

MightyCall’s auto dialer

MightyCall’s outbound capabilities are powered by an auto dialer – a call automation tool that dials contacts from your list within a campaign, which saves agents valuable time and maximizes overall call center performance.

MightyCall’s Auto Dialer

MightyCall is known for its straightforward setup and use and the auto dialer wizard is no exception. You simply follow the campaign wizard and add the necessary details for your campaign: name, time of operation, dialer type and associated metrics, an agents list, and a record list (otherwise known as a contact list). This unlocks the power and capabilities of the auto dialer with the customization any business needs all without bogging employees down in the complicated technical setup other software often requires.


MightyCall’s Auto Dialer, empowered by our Scheduled Campaigns feature, is the ultimate tool for your operational efficiency. By giving you unprecedented control over your outbound strategies down to the minute they start and end, businesses can use analytics and past campaign insights to maximize future efforts.

Automated campaign management is here, so embrace it and make the most of every call with MightyCall.


Kat Barannikova
Kat Barannikova is a copywriter and an obsessive tea drinker at MightyCall.
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