Intelligent Call Routing Can Increase Your Customer Loyalty

Yesterday I spent an hour on the phone trying to talk to customer service at the bank and 40 minutes of that was spent waiting to be transferred to the appropriate employee. What should have been a 5-minute phone call turned into an hour and by the time I finished with them I was irritated to say the least. This kind of situation makes you not only frustrated, but also makes you rethink your loyalty to a business. Smart solutions, such as intelligent call routing, exist to combat this issue.

Intelligent call routing automatically routes calls to the most appropriate employee and prevents loss of business in first time and repeat callers.

Customer Benefits:

There are several settings you can put in place to get your customers to where they need to be.

  • A voicemail menu can send callers to the most skillful and knowledgeable employee without needing to wait to be transferred.
  • Return callers can be routed back to the employee they spoke to the day before who is not only up to date on the situation but who also has all the skills and knowledge to best help the customer.
  • If a customer’s call is dropped, they can call back to the company and be directed straight back to the employee they were previously speaking with. This way they don’t need to re-explain anything or take up another employee’s time.
  • Caller ID can be used to offer special discounts and offers to preferred customers based on the caller’s profile and past history.
  • If you aren’t able to answer a call after the first two rings, your call could automatically be routed to an available employee.

In essence, it lets your customers be treated like VIP and feel valued for choosing your company.

As a business, it’s your task to turn a call into a customer and this smart system makes that task so much easier while eliminating a lot of the frustration. Customers will appreciate not having to deal with the frustration that often accompanies call routing and will be more likely and ready to buy whatever it is you’re selling.  Furthermore, it helps the business process become more organized and operate smoothly.

Company Benefits:

  • You only need to have one business phone number. There’s no need to complicate things with multiple numbers or by asking customers or employees to reach out to someone else or call someone back.
  • Immediately redirected calls save company time and revenue so employees can stick to their tasks and responsibilities.
  • VIP lists exist to fast track important and loyal clients as well as to offer promotions to callers. Black lists make it easier to focus your time where it matters.
  • All calls can be managed from a single console on your web browser or from an app on your phone making things as simple as possible.

Customers are often ready to commit and purchase a product or service when they first call. Most likely, they’ve already scoped you and your competition out and have chosen to give you a call. Missing their initial call could lead them to call a competitor.

With MightyCall’s intelligent call routing system, you never need to miss out on a call again. Don’t let a business opportunity slip through your fingers, join the MightyCall community today and find out for yourself how intelligent call routing can improve your business.

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