Innovation of Phone Technology: Taking a Look Back (Infographic)

Communication has vastly changed in the course of human history from smoke signals to carrier pigeons, Morse code to the first invention of the phone in 1876 by Alexander Graham.

Since then, technology of the phone itself has changed from the popular candlestick of the 1890’s, to the classic rotary phone and later to the push button phone of the 1960’s.

Other advancements that were added to enhance the phone have further changed the way we communicate such as the first answering machine, caller ID and, let’s not forget, cell phones.

Today in the 21st century, communication has never been more accessible or easily compared to any other time in human history. We have many options to communicate with loved ones who are halfway around the world from instant chat, social media, video calls, etc. Given the many options people can communicate with each other and now with the advancement of smartphone technology, customers can contact you in so many ways.

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